BrowserAddonsView, a small freeware to manage browser add-ons on your PC


  1. Meh…

    Provides a simple list of all your addons . That’s it. Nothing more. Provides no info as to usefulness or a means to delete useless or duplicate addons.

    If I want to know what extensions/addons I have installed on Firefox I’ll go to Firefox. At least then I’ll be able to disable or remove them.

  2. “Meh…” at your short-sidedness… This is useful for someone like myself that runs Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera. At the moment I find it useful for tracking down a troublesome plugin that a piece of software wants to install in my browsers but that I don’t find useful. Also this software (as mentioned above) check all profiles of the various browsers which would be extremely tedious to go hunt down one by one. As well, for someone like myself who manages his tabs and user sessions this theoretically shouldn’t disturb any of that activity or require me to reload all of the tabs from my previous session.

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