Can’t connect to the proxy server says Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

If Microsoft Edge display Can’t connect to the proxy server message when trying to connect to the web, then the cause for this could be incorrect proxy setting or malware. If you face this issue, here are a few things you could try to fix the issue.

Can't connect to the proxy server

Edge can’t connect to the proxy server

Before doing anything, clear your Edge browser cache, restart your computer and check if you can open any webpage in Edge browser or not. Sometimes a simple restart can fix common issues like this. If this does not help, try the following troubleshooting suggestions.

  1. Check internet connection
  2. Disable manual proxy
  3. Disable VPN
  4. Turn off proxy server used for LAN
  5. Disable third-party firewall software
  6. Scan PC with antivirus and anti-adware
  7. Reset Edge browser.

1] Check internet connection

Sometimes it is your internet connection or the Wi-Fi router, which is the root of your problem. If so, you cannot fix it by doing anything except changing the internet connection. Therefore, before doing anything, make sure you have a valid internet source. If you are using a Wi-Fi router, you can use another connection and see.

2] Disable manual proxy

Can't connect to the proxy server says Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

If you have set up a manual proxy in your system, you should disable the manual proxy settings and set it to factory default. To do that, open the Windows 10 Settings panel, and go to Network & Internet > Proxy. On your right-hand side, make sure the Automatically detect settings option is turned on and Use a proxy server option is turned off under Manual proxy setup.

3] Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN app, it could be the source of your problem. Sometimes the VPN server doesn’t work correctly, and that is why Edge says Can’t connect to the proxy server. Therefore, if you are using a VPN, disable it temporarily and check if it solves your issue or not.

4] Turn off proxy server used for LAN

If your computer was attacked by malware or adware, there is a chance that it has enabled this setting. Many adware enables it so that they can show advertisements in your browser. To verify that, follow these steps.

Open Internet Properties using the Search bar and switch to the Connections tab > LAN settings button.

If Use a proxy server for your LAN option is tick marked, remove the tick, save your change, and try to open a website in Microsoft Edge browser.

5] Scan PC with antivirus and anti-adware

Many times a virus or adware can cause this issue. Therefore, you should scan your computer with a trustworthy antivirus. For example, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc. are the best free antivirus for Windows 10. You could use AdwCleaner and some browser hijackers removal tools as well.

6] Reset Edge browser

If only Microsoft Edge is not opening any site, there might be a problem in the internal files. It happens if you install a buggy extension, visit unsecured websites, etc. The last option you have is to reset Microsoft Edge browser. This should resolve your problem.

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