Fix Bluetooth LE Devices connectivity issues on Windows 10

Windows 10 v 1703 Creators Update comes baked in with a slew of new features and improvisations. While the update in itself has been relatively trouble-free there are certain aspects that need fine tuning. A few updates later this build is expected to weed out the problems; but in the meanwhile, we will try out level best to find a workaround for all the issues.

Bluetooth LE Devices connectivity issues

Some users complained on Microsoft Answers Forums that the Bluetooth LE Devices are not connecting as expected after installing the Creators Update.

My Bluetooth LE devices aren’t reconnecting to my PC as expected. They take much longer to reconnect than before the update.

By Bluetooth LE (Light Energy) one refers to all the modern Bluetooth devices and accessories including mouse, fitness trackers, smartphones and Bluetooth headphones. The problem can be tackled by two methods, one by running the Troubleshooter and the other by reinstalling the concerned Driver and rebooting the system.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Fix Bluetooth LE Devices connectivity issues on Windows 10

In this step, Windows 10 will diagnose if there are any issues with either your Bluetooth modem,  driver or the device with which you are trying to pair. In fact, Microsoft is already well aware of some of the issues that are cropping up on old models of laptops and has promptly blocked the update on these machines.

Head over to Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot > Find and fix other problems. Now run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter.

The troubleshooter will identify and try to fix the issues automatically. After doing this wait for some time till the device reconnects and then the Bluetooth pairing should work as intended.

Fix the Bluetooth Driver

Since the mouse uses a wireless Bluetooth adapter to connect, it’s quite obvious that the device will not work as intended. Head over to the “Device Manager” and in cases like this you will most probably see a message that says “Requires further installation.” What this means is that the driver for your hardware is not built for Windows 10 Creators Update and in this case you cannot download the drivers.

In order to get this issue fixed temporarily go to Device Manager > Bluetooth and try uninstalling all the instances of the Bluetooth driver software. The same step can be repeated for any other paired Bluetooth devices. It’s worth mentioning that you will lose access to the particular device in question temporarily. Now reboot your device and the Bluetooth mouse or any other accessory should start working fine. In case the same issue reoccurs repeat the same process.

Please note that Microsoft is already aware that some of the Broadcom radios are experiencing Bluetooth LE issues after upgrading to Windows 10 Creators update and is working to fix the same.

We are aware that some users with Broadcom radios may have experienced Bluetooth LE device connection issues (while Settings is open) after upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update. We have resolved the issue in a recent Windows update, and devices with Broadcom radios will once again be offered the Creators Update.  If you are still experiencing this issue, please make sure you’ve installed the latest Windows updates.

In the meanwhile, you can also search for “Feedback Hub” in Cortana and use the app to report the issue, if you wish.

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