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How to restore the classic old Google Chrome design

The latest version of the Chrome browser comes with material design. However, if you liked the charm of the old design you can revert back to the old Google Chrome design by following the steps in this article. Chrome is […]

Best free Adobe InDesign Alternatives for Windows PC

Adobe InDesign is the first name that comes to mind if you are working on digital or print that involves creating publications, posters and print media. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or a production artist or if you […]


Fix ndis.sys failed BSOD error on Windows 10

Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) is a programming interface for the network interface cards that aids in proper functioning of a system driver in a computer network. NDIS helps the computer system to communicate with other connected devices and hardware […]

Best free Window Manager software for Windows 10

Window Manager is a software application that is used to streamline your workflow by providing users with various functions to efficiently manage multiple windows. A Window Manager is the most reliable and simple productivity tools that simplify the tedious task […]

Edit Registry for another User in Windows 10

How to edit Registry for another User in Windows 10

Have you ever pondered over the question of how to modify the Registry settings of other Users in Windows 10? Well, Window users can edit and make changes to the registry settings for only the user account that is currently […]

Best Graphic Design Tools and Software for beginners

In this visual world of marketing, it is important to create phenomenal infographics for marketing your business. Building a right infographics helps business to captivate the right audience, promote social engagement and increase the website traffic. Whether you may want […]

Best GitHub Alternatives for hosting your open source project

Github is the most popular web-based, open source version control system used by developers to host their codes. The website provides a platform to easily collaborate with other programmers on the project. The Github is one of the best available […]


How to setup Folder Protection for OneDrive account

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an extensively used cloud service to store documents online and exchange the important files online at any time. OneDrive is a file hosting service for Microsoft users that would allow users to store the data online in […]

How to enable Chrome native notifications on Windows 10

Windows 10 notification system contains the icons for easy access to the system functions. Google Chrome has recently rolled out a new notification experience update where it supports the native Windows 10 notifications. The new notification experience prompts all the […]

Black background behind Folder icons

Black background behind Folder icons in Windows 10

Windows 10 File Explorer provides a variety of ways to organize the contents of files and folders of the system. The Window users can use some efficient styles to view the contents of the file system as per the user’s […]

Best Free Online Flowchart Maker Tools

The flowchart is a subtle way of representing a process or an algorithm for analyzing the workflow in an effective way. Flowcharts are extensively used in organizations and institutions to represent a solution model of a task with the diagrammatic illustration. […]

best overclocking software

Best free Overclocking software for Windows PC

Overclocking is the process of increasing the system’s clock rate at the speed higher than the factory certified configurations. In simple words, the clock rate is an indicator for the processor’s speed which refers to the frequency at which processor […]

Best Tor alternatives for anonymous browsing

In the unreliable world of the internet, online privacy is a major concern these days where users are constantly dependent on the internet. The internet is so vulnerable to security attacks that, it is easy to track one’s identity including […]

How to Enable or Disable Boot Log in Windows 10

Booting the computer system involves loading an operating system from the various boot devices like drivers, network, and  USB drives when the computer is switched on. Once the startup sequence finishes loading the operating system, the system hardware will be […]

How to turn off Chrome URL AutoComplete feature on Windows PC

Autocomplete suggestions are useful when you want to revisit the websites. If you have visited a website earlier from your system, the Google algorithm stores the results to give future suggestions and predictions based on the loaded web results. Basically, […]