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How to change Wi-Fi Router Name and Password

Wi-Fi is undoubtedly a great way to keep connected to the internet where ever we go. Today we are all able to interface multiple devices to the internet via the same network without any wires. All thanks to the Wi-Fi […]

Best free DRM removal software for eBooks for Windows PC

If you are an ebook lover, you would have probably come across the term DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM restricts the way the software or multimedia content is being used to protect against piracy. Most of the publishers and other […]

How to run Windows programs on Mac for free

Both Windows PC and Mac have certain captivating features that make users hard to choose between two. If you have been a Window user for a long time switching to Mac is never easy. Although Mac may take the edge […]

How to remove eBook DRM with Calibre

The eBook DRM puts lots of restrictions on legitimate users and forces users to view the ebook on a single device or app. It also controls your usage and doesn’t allow you to share the books with others. In simple […]

How to add audio to Google Slides

Google Slides is leading free presentation software from the internet giant that allows you to display information in slide show and easily collaborate with your audience. It is a popular alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software because of its affordability, […]

How to read Kindle books on PC

How to read Kindle books on PC with or without app

Amazon Kindle is an eBook readers’ favorite. Any reader who happens to be a fan favorite of digital periodicals or e-books would already have owned a kindle tablet or an e-ink device. Kindle device is for every reader who wants […]

Best tools to send SMS free from your computer

Nowadays there are many ways to send and receive messages. We are deluged by the different medium of communications like WhatsApp, iMessage, email, snail mail, social media and many more. While there are overwhelming options to communicate, we cannot ignore […]

How to make Gmail look like Outlook

Gmail and Outlook are the two popular email services preferred by most of us today. Both the email service has grown significantly over the period of time and continues to grow. Choosing one among the two email service provider is […]

How to install and use Sortd Gmail add-on on Chrome

Kanban board is one of the incredible ways of organizing your work. It helps you to visualize your workflow, optimize your work and keep track of all the important tasks in a single place. Most of the businesses today use […]

How to set up auto CC & BCC in Gmail and Outlook

During email composition, CC (Carbon Copy) and  BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) are the two commonly used fields which are used by most of us to send the copies of an email to additional people who are concerned with the information […]

How to automatically generate Charts and Graphs in Google Sheets

Charts and Graphs are a useful tool used for conveying information to clients. Complex numerical data are often presented in the graphical form so that they can be easily understood and remembered. The Graphical representation of data helps to present […]

write better email

Browser extensions & Tools to help you write better emails

In today’s digital age, email is the most efficient way to reach out to people. It is the most sought after way of communication to foster business, promote your sales, and publicize your product for advertising purposes. In simple words, […]

Best free Google Calendar alternatives for Windows PC

Google Calendar is a popular calendaring wizard that enables you to record upcoming events and appointments daily. However, everyone has their preference and the liking for one product changes as the time changes. Not everyone is comfortable using Google Calendar […]

Best Windows laptops for Programming you can buy in 2019

Investing in a new laptop is a daunting task than it should be. With a variety of laptops available in the market today which is offering plenty of functionality, it is essential to pick the best laptop that is most […]

Best free Online Form Builder tools for collecting information

Online Forms and survey apps play a crucial role in data gathering and help you collect insights on what your customer thinks about your product. They are the go-to way of gathering information and attain a valuable opinion from customers. […]

How to automate tasks in Google Sheets with Macros

Google Sheets is a popular spreadsheet tool that has changed the way people collaborate today. This web-based spreadsheet tool serves best as a free alternative to the Microsoft Excel and allows to create and edit spreadsheets data online. Excel has […]

Best free Email Finder tools for effective marketing

Email is an important and effective channel to build a strong relationship. It is a productive way to foster business and boost efficiency. However, most of the people are not willing to divulge their personal or business email address to […]