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Best free Google Calendar alternatives for Windows PC

Google Calendar is a popular calendaring wizard that enables you to record upcoming events and appointments daily. However, everyone has their preference and the liking for one product changes as the time changes. Not everyone is comfortable using Google Calendar […]

Best Windows laptops for Programming you can buy in 2019

Investing in a new laptop is a daunting task than it should be. With a variety of laptops available in the market today which is offering plenty of functionality, it is essential to pick the best laptop that is most […]

Best free Online Form Builder tools for collecting information

Online Forms and survey apps play a crucial role in data gathering and help you collect insights on what your customer thinks about your product. They are the go-to way of gathering information and attain a valuable opinion from customers. […]

How to automate tasks in Google Sheets with Macros

Google Sheets is a popular spreadsheet tool that has changed the way people collaborate today. This web-based spreadsheet tool serves best as a free alternative to the Microsoft Excel and allows to create and edit spreadsheets data online. Excel has […]

Best free Email Finder tools for effective marketing

Email is an important and effective channel to build a strong relationship. It is a productive way to foster business and boost efficiency. However, most of the people are not willing to divulge their personal or business email address to […]

edit-Outlook-received email

How to edit received email in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides you with an option to edit received emails in Outlook. The changes you make on the received email will be saved locally for your references and would not reflect the change in the email for the sender […]

How to Encrypt and Digitally Sign a Thunderbird email

Thunderbird is a popular free email client that comes with great feature. It is used by many people and has numerous add-ons which can be used to extend its functionality and appearance. Generally, the emails are sent over the untrusted […]

Camera is not recognized on Quik app for desktop

Camera is not recognized on GoPro’s Quik app for desktop

GoPro is a popular small-sized camera used mainly for adventure photography. You can create a complete work out GoPro footages in your Windows computer as well using GoPro’s Quik app for desktop. To view and edit the camera contents on […]

Best Kodi addons & extensions for Chrome & Firefox

Kodi is a popular streaming app particularly meant for home entertainment. It is an open source software designed to run all types of content like videos and music on all the devices like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and even Raspberry […]

How to turn off or change Notifications for Google Calendar

Gone are those days when you used to keep a dairy to catalog planned events, list the appointments and schedule the meetings. With the development of the web-based digital calendar, tracking appointments have been a lot easier and you don’t […]

Reset GoPro Wi-Fi password

How to reset GoPro Wi-Fi password

GoPro is a popular pocket-sized camera with incredible features. The GoPro uses GoPro app to sync GoPro footages between camera and external devices like laptop, smartphones, etc. To share your story captured in GoPro camera on social media, you need […]

How to transfer GoPro files using Wi-Fi to Windows PC

In this article, we explain how you can transfer GoPro files to laptop by using WiFi. GoPro gained popularity among adventures, surfers and athletes for its small size camera that can fit right in your pocket. Unlike the usual camera, […]

GoPro as a Security Camera

How to use GoPro as a Security Camera

GoPro cameras are widely used pocket-sized camera device popular among adventures, surfers, athletes, travelers and boggers for action photography. They are great for rugged use and is ideal for capturing videos when you are in beach, mountain, snow, diving into […]

transfer files from GoPro camera to Windows 10

How to transfer files from GoPro camera to Windows 10 PC

GoPro is a popular camera device for adventure photography. It is in vogue among adventures, surfers, and athletes because of its sleek compact design. It is one of the widely used pieces of equipment among the small camera sector for […]

How to make Windows 10 look and feel like Windows 7

Windows 10 is arguably one of the significant improvement over the previous Windows 7. Being the latest version, Windows 10 has seen a lot of significant improvements in security, performance, and efficiency. It certainly has lots of new features like […]

How to change Facebook background color, scheme and style

Facebook is a popular social networking site that we use daily to keep in touch with loved ones. We spend most of the time on the social platform to send messages to friends, share videos, photos, use various in-built apps, […]