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Add, Remove, Arrange Quick Action Buttons in Windows 10

Windows 10 v 1607 and later makes it easier for you to add, remove or arrange the Quick Action buttons in the Notifications & Actions Center. The Action Center displays 4 Quick Actions, with an option that lets you Expand or Collapse the Action Center in order to show more than 4 buttons.

Arrange Quick Action Buttons in Windows 10

If you want to change the way in which the Quick Action buttons are displayed, open the Start Menu and click on Settings icon.

Next click on System settings and then from the left panel, select Notifications & actions.

You will see the following settings.

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Now to re-arrange the Quick Action buttons, simply drag and drop them to the locations you want.

Add, Remove Quick Action Buttons in Windows 10

If you wish to add or remove some of the buttons, click on the Add or remove quick actions link to open the following window.

Toggle the slider to the Off position if you want to remove a quick action, and to the On position if you want to display a quick action.

If you do not use these buttons, you can also disable the Quick Action icons. If you wish, you can even go a step further and disable the entire Notification and Action Center – which of course is not advisable.