How to delete old notifications in Action Center on Windows 10

Notification pop-ups on the window screen of your computer system are a very common sight, isn’t it? One little box rising to inform you about new software updates, or an email message is sometimes useful but sometimes immensely distracting.

Action Center

Windows 10 Notifications bring in important information which is key to keep you productive. On the other hand, they are disturbing, and most of the time they disappear before we actually get to read and act on it. Then comes in the Action center on Windows 10, a single point for conveniently managing and responding to your notifications.

Collecting notification and alerts is the key role of the Action Centre. It makes it easier for the user to find old notifications and take appropriate action. But again, receiving a barrage of notifications is not at all welcomed. This is even truer when users have multiple apps sending out notifications every time something happens, which ultimately floods into your action center. Hold on, here’s some good news you can delete old notifications in the action center.

Delete old notifications in Windows 10 Action Center

Let us walk through how to delete old notification in action center. There are four different ways to achieve this. Those as follows:

  1. Delete notification one at a time
  2. Clear all notification from specific applications
  3. Clear all notification in one click
  4. Clear all notifications with keyboard.

Let’s look at each of these options in detail.

1] Delete notification one at a time

To delete notifications one at a time, click the Action Center icon on the taskbar, now point at a notification and hit the pop-up delete icon.

Action Center

This option is great when users do not wish to delete all the notifications but only the ones which are unwanted.

2] Clear all notification from specific applications:

Action Centre groups notifications under different heads based on the application, like Mail, Google Chrome, and SupportAssist. To delete all notifications from specific applications, click Action Center icon on the taskbar, now point at a notification from the application and hit the pop-up delete icon.

delete old notifications in Action Center

This option is useful when users want to completely delete old notifications from one or more applications that send many notifications which are not that useful.

3] Clear all notification in one click:

Tap on the Action Center icon on the taskbar, and then click Clear All Notification icon on the right-down corner in the ACTION CENTER.

Action Center

When users know they do not need the cluttered notification in the Action Centre and wish to clear it, they can use Clear All Notifications option to clear off all notifications in one go.

4] Clear all notifications with the keyboard:

In Windows 10, it is possible to clear all notification of the Action Center notifications with the keyboard. Follow the next steps to achieve the same.

  • Open Action Center with WinKey + A
  • Set Focus on Clear All Notifications Shift + Tab. (Note, you may have to press Shift+Tab more than once to set focus on the clear all notifications.
  • Hit Space to clear all notifications
  • To check if the notifications have been cleared, press WinKey + A once again.

Clear up your Action Center

With these tips in mind, you can clear the unwanted notification in your Action center and keep it better organized!

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