Quickly tweak Notifications settings of an App from the Action Center

Windows 10 Action Center is one stop place to receive and manage all notifications. Every other app hook into the Action Center, notifications become a burden. Every morning, I end up clearing all notifications. The only drawback is that you might miss important notifications. Good news is that there is a much faster, on the fly, method to tweak these announcements.

Tweak App notification settings from Action Center

Tweak App notification settings from Action Center

1] Open the Action Center using WIN + A.  Then scroll over a notification which you think might not be very important. Right-click on the App name – which is usually on the top.

2] You should see a menu with multiple options-

  • Turn off notifications for the app
  • Go to Notification settings
  • Remove/Add Priority for the app.

3] Click on go to notification settings, and it will instantly open the Notification settings for that app. If the notifications are too much, you can choose to turn off notifications for that app completely.

If you use this method to manage all notifications, it will be much easier. You can only get to experience notification distraction from apps when you get it.

The other way to manage notification settings is via Settings > System > Notification and actions. You can get into individual app settings and handle it. It’s not very useful because you may not have seen any notification from some of the apps.

Did you know this quick feature existed? How do you stop Windows 10 pop up notification? Let us know in the comments.

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