How to disable Notification and Action Center in Windows 10

The new Notification & Action Center in Windows 10 looks great. The Action Center is split into two major sections – Notifications and Quick Actions and lets you take a look at all the notifications from all different apps, and even the system. But if you wish, you can disable Action Center in Windows 10. Let us see how to do it by tweaking the Windows Registry or the Group Policy Editor. But before that, we will see how to hide its icon only via Settings.

Disable Notification & Action Center in Windows 10

Hide Action Center icon in Taskbar

If you wish to simply hide the Action Center icon which appears on the extreme right side of the Taskbar, open Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.

Hide Action Center icon in Taskbar

Here, click on the Turn system icons on or off link and then toggle the switch against Action Center to the Off position.

This will hide the Action Center icon right away.

If you wish to open Action Center, you will have to use Win+A keyboard shortcut.

Disable Notification & Action Center in Windows 10

Using Registry Editor

disable notification center

First, create a system restore point and then right-click on Start button to open the WinX Menu.

Select Run, and in the space provided, type regedit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Having done that, navigate to the following registry key:


Now, right-click on the empty space in the right pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit).

Name it DisableNotificationCenter.

Now, double-click on it and give it a value of 1.

Click on OK and exit the Registry Editor.

Using Group Policy Editor

If your version of Windows 10 ships with the Group Policy Editor, Run gpedit.msc and navigate to the following setting:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar

Now in the right pane, double-click on Remove notifications and Action Center and select the Enabled option. Click Apply and Exit.

By following these instructions, you will have disabled the Notification and Action Center in Windows 10.

Restart your computer to see the change.

no action center

You will find that the Action Center is missing from the taskbar!

To enable Action Center back, simply delete DisableNotificationCenter or change its value to 0 and restart your Windows 10 PC.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Foobar

    I have no HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsExplorer key. Only CurrentVersion. Cant find the Explorer key in CurrentVersion.

  2. Rick Bird

    Same as Foobar – the Explorer key node does not exist.

  3. Simon

    This did not work for me BUT the following did…………………………… Note the Local Machine hive


    ******Note I had to manually create a new “Explorer”, similar to below it did not exist in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.********

    Create Dword32 “DisableNotificationCenter”

    Now, double-click on it and give it a value of 1.

  4. Frenziedmuffin

    This does work to disable the icon however I’m still being prompted for Windows Firewall regardless of the setting here. In order to hide the firewall messages you must turn those off from Security and Maintenance.

  5. Saikumar Deekonda

    It’s somewhat useful for me to enable and disable it. thank you.

  6. Dave Henderson

    Seems Creators update has removed all this functionality. There is no longer Action Centre option to show or hide. As well, you need to be administrator to run the registry or gpedit tweaks. And you cannot run-as else it does it as the admin-user, so no solution.

    The only way seems to be to upgrade the user, run whichever tweak you choose, then reset the user to the lower access level.

    Typical Microsoft, whatever useful things exist, they find a way to remove the ease of doing it, or remove the feature completely!

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