Acronis Ransomware Protection for Windows PC

Getting attacked by a Ransomware can be traumatizing and can cause you a great loss in terms of data and money. Recently the number of such ransomware attacks have increased tremendously. Most of the victims end up losing their data or paying money for decrypting it. But there must be a solution to this problem. Developers continue to work hard to close such vulnerabilities, and an example to this is Acronis Ransomware Protection. A tool design to prevent any kind of suspicious activity on your system and protect your files.

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Acronis Ransomware Protection offers a free version that helps your setup up protection against all kinds of ransomware attacks on your computer. Other than the precautionary measure, the tool also provides remedial measures like data recovery and backup. The tool is super simple to use and setup.

Once installed, thisĀ anti-ransomware software will provide real-time protection and continue to run in the background. After installation, you will have to create a new free Acronis account to use features such as cloud backup.

The tool is not a complete replacement for your anti-virus/anti-malware program. Rather it is designed to run along with your existing security program. It is like adding an additional layer of ransomware protection upon your existing security setup.

So how does the tool work? Acronis works in the background and constantly looks for any suspicious processes. By suspicious processes here we mean any process that may be carrying out unauthorized encryption/decryption and other such suspicious activities. The tool recognizes these processes and informs you immediately and stops the further action. This is a full-proof solution to prevent ransomware attacks in the first place.

Acronis can detect attacks like WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, Bad Rabbit, AES-NI, and Osiris. These attacks have been widely reported in 2017 and caused a lot of loss to companies and employees. According to Acronis, there was 400% increase in new strains of ransomware and 1100$ was the average money demanded in 2017.

If you click on Manage Processes, you will be able to see the processes that seem suspicious to Acronis Ransomware Protection. You can easily block or trust any of these processes. Or you can manually add an application and mark it as trusted or blocked. Any blocked application or process will be completely barred from running on your computer and carrying out its tasks. Blocked applications can be easily unblocked and moved to trusted list at a later stage.

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Other than real-time protection against ransomware, Acronis also provides some remedial features as well. The tool offers free cloud backups for your important data. You will have to create an Acronis account to use this feature. Every account comes with a free limit of 5 GB. You can extend this limit by paying a nominal charge for cloud storage. Cloud backups ensure the safety of your data and make your data available anywhere across the globe.

To setup backups, all you need to do is drag the folders you want to back up into the working area. Or you can manually select folders and setup backup. To later access these files and folders you can go to and log in with your credentials.

Acronis makes up a great security tool and adds a layer of security to your computer. It is a must-have tool to keep you protected from any ransomware attacks. Plus, the free cloud storage offered makes it a complete package. Acronis Malware Protection can be a lifesaver and can save you a lot of money if you were to be attacked. Better be safe than sorry.

Click here to download Acronis Malware Protection.

While there are several ransomware decryptor tools available, it is advisable that you take the problem of ransomware attacks seriously and make use of such anti-ransomware software as a precautionary measure.

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