How to Print an email from Mail App in Windows 8

Windows 8 has incorporated a lot of changes and has made some tasks really simple. For instance, it has introduced a simple way by which users can discover the devices that are connected to and contained in their PC. So, you can detect nearby devices automatically and make them available for use.

Coming to the point, we already know how to set up a printer and get a print when in the desktop environment but, printing from Metro Style apps hasĀ  changed. It has become a common task that can be handled using the Devices charm provided, the apps support printing.

PrintĀ email from Mail App in Windows 8

Metro style device apps too allows users to access different printing properties and manage many common options such as paper size and duplex settings, Print Output mode, etc but with a changed format.

As mentioned earlier, not all apps in Windows 8 support printing, an example – Mail App. So to get a print of an important mail you need to save it as a document in the documents folder and then print it out.

You can carry out the process using Keyboard shortcuts. Let us see how.

Press Win Key + C in combination to bring up the charms bar and select ‘Start’.

Then, choose ‘Mail’ app. Search for the desired mail which you want to print out and open it.

Next, Press Ctrl + P in combination to bring up the devices menu from the Windows 8 Mail App. A list of print devices will be available on the right-hand side. Use the up and down arrows to select a printer. Here, I chose Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

Click on it! You will be presented with the options to change either orientation or size as per your choice. See the screen-shot below.

If you would like to access additional settings, click More settings. After changes are made click ‘Print’.

In seconds, you will get a notification – File saved to the documents folder.

Go to the Documents section and check it.

Now, you can easily print it out!

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The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in bio-technology and has an immense interest in following Windows, Office and other technology developments. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Lacrosse player. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.


  1. Sam@India trip

    These kind of options will do something better then for you whenever you need of it.

  2. Joe Lawrence

    Just another reason to not like Win8. Please stop telling us about a cell phone OS, that will never be accepted as a real OS! What a piece of crap.

  3. Adam

    Actually, I was able to print just fine from Win8, both from my Desktop Win8Pro as well as my Surface RT. Charms -> Devices -> HP OfficeJet. No complaints.

  4. Jim

    How come printing from windows 8 is so hard? Windows 8 is not user friendly.

  5. Rarjah81

    I don’t get it. Why make more steps to print an e-mail. How about just right click and print.

  6. I have my printer setup as a wireless printer on my network and all I need to do is open my email and from charms menu go to devices and I see my printer. I did not install any drivers or anything on my surface pro, windows 8 just picked up the device from my network.

  7. Crazy

    Am I in the twilight zone ?? This is easy ???? This is good ??
    What idiots made this POS Windows 8
    How about ” File / Print ” , That was easy and worked for 30yrs just fine.
    Must be they have to change things to feel good about giving people paychecks for doing somthing.

  8. Skydive Dawne

    Total agree!!!! Why is Windows 8 fixing things that are NOT BROKE!!!! Right click print, easy!!! I have an ongoing email from June 26, 2013 to Aug 15, 2013, try to print a page in the middle of the correspondence and it gives me every option except which page to print. Must be in with the ink manufactures, printing numerous unneeded pages. So FRUSTRATING!!!!!

  9. Larry

    This is a real pain. I guess the kids don’t print emails anymore.

  10. Dale Garrett

    My thoughts exactly Rarjah81 why the hell have they made it more complicated and it now takes longer you computer nerds at Microsoft are a bunch of morons you really piss me off

  11. cheryl

    This printing is a joke. It is easier for me to print the e-mail from my Iphone than it is to print on my laptop.

  12. George

    I go to my in box select the email I want to print at the top of the page I click on the three dots and then click print then up in the top left corner print appears so I click on it then the print format comes up which shows the type of printer so I select Lexmark 730then go to the bottom and press print and nothing happens. Please help me because I am going “NUTS”

  13. mememe

    CTRL and P doesn’t even work for me. But why am I having to go through all these steps, even if it did. HOw could anyone have thought this was a good idea. What a load of shit, I just want to print an e-mail, I just want to copy and paste, without clicking on stupid icon on the bottom of the page and so many more extra steps its a bloody cheek to claim this is easy to use

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