How to Print an email from Mail App in Windows 8

Windows 8 has incorporated a lot of changes and has made some tasks really simple. For instance, it has introduced a simple way by which users can discover the devices that are connected to and contained in their PC. So, you can detect nearby devices automatically and make them available for use.

Coming to the point, we already know how to set up a printer and get a print when in the desktop environment but, printing from Metro Style apps has  changed. It has become a common task that can be handled using the Devices charm provided, the apps support printing.

Print email from Mail App in Windows 8

Metro style device apps too allows users to access different printing properties and manage many common options such as paper size and duplex settings, Print Output mode, etc but with a changed format.

As mentioned earlier, not all apps in Windows 8 support printing, an example – Mail App. So to get a print of an important mail you need to save it as a document in the documents folder and then print it out.

You can carry out the process using Keyboard shortcuts. Let us see how.

Press Win Key + C in combination to bring up the charms bar and select ‘Start’.

Then, choose ‘Mail’ app. Search for the desired mail which you want to print out and open it.

Next, Press Ctrl + P in combination to bring up the devices menu from the Windows 8 Mail App. A list of print devices will be available on the right-hand side. Use the up and down arrows to select a printer. Here, I chose Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

Click on it! You will be presented with the options to change either orientation or size as per your choice. See the screen-shot below.

If you would like to access additional settings, click More settings. After changes are made click ‘Print’.

In seconds, you will get a notification – File saved to the documents folder.

Go to the Documents section and check it.

Now, you can easily print it out!

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