What does it mean when you see a message YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE, after visiting a web page using Chrome or Firefox? How to remove DoT compliance? Here are some solutions we will try out:

  1. Change DNS
  2. Install Proxy Extension
  3. Use a VPN
  4. Contact your ISP

You could also see an alternative message – Web Page Blocked! The page you have requested has been blocked, because the URL is banned as per the Government Rules.

Web Page Blocked

You are not authorized to access this web page as per the DoT compliance


DoT or Department of Telecommunications of India is also responsible for keeping a tab on websites which serve rogue content. All the ISPs have to follow the rules and regulations drafted by DoT. So if they think that the site is serving content like online movies, TV shows, illegal software, songs, etc.,  they can ask ISPs to block it.

The message “YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE”  you receive when visiting a website means that it has been marked.

We do not recommend you access any website which is illegal for any reason. However, if you are sure that the site is legit, and is in the block list by accident, then use these methods to unblock and access Blocked or Restricted Websites.

How to remove DOT compliance

There is no direct way to remove the restriction aka DoT compliance. It doesn’t matter which browser you use; you will have the same issue.  Just before I go ahead, and share how you bypass the ISP restriction, let’s understand one necessary thing.  The ISPs can block any website when a request goes through their server, i.e., DNS. No matter which ISP you use, they set up your computer or router to use their DNS. Since blocking ISP is not feasible, they block the URL.  That’s is the flaw you can use.

1] Change DNS

How to Change DNS in Windows 10

If the request to access the website doesn’t pass through their DNS, you may have a chance to access it. You can choose to use Open DNS or  Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS or any other DNS with which you are comfortable. Change the DNS either on the computer or on your router. When doing that, make sure to remove the ISPs DNS from the list.

You may face a drawback when you remove your ISP DNS. In my area, my ISP is my local cable operator. These guys have sort of Peer to Peer configuration setup which makes local file downloading from another computer extremely fast. I have also seen that downloads from Play Store or even Windows Update are extremely fast with ISP DNS. It is usually because of the caching method they follow.

So if you want to change DNS, it is best to use this tool to switch between other’s DNS and your ISP’s DNS.

2] Install Proxy Extension

There are many free Proxy software or  Proxy extensions available in Chrome and Firefox. They allow you to access the DoT blocked websites by routing the request through their server. It can hide it from ISPs as well and make them feel the content is coming from the proxy servers.

3] Use a VPN

There is a lot of free VPN software or VPN browser extensions which you can use to access these websites. Some of them are secure as well, and if you pay for a good VPN, it will make sure that everything is appropriately encrypted. Some VPNs also offer good speed and encrypts all the data you download or upload.

4] Contact your ISP

Many a time even when DoT clears a website, the ISPs keep blocking it. While we have ways to bypass it, it is best that you contact your ISP and ask them to ublock it. I am sure they will remove it in a while.

Hope this explains why this message occurs and what you can do about it.

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