uProxy for Chrome & Firefox: Share routes & access Internet via Web Proxy

The internet is a vast place, and whatever network you are connected to, some parts of it are always blocked. Another problem arises when you’ve got to face connectivity problems and slow speeds while using free VPN services. How about a friend of yours hosting a proxy server exclusively for you? Check out uProxy from Google.

uProxy for Chrome & Firefox


uProxy is a browser extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that lets users share their internet route with other users and eventually acting as a self-hosted proxy server or a free personalized VPN service.

Using uProxy, you can provide seamless internet access to friends, family or yourself by making your computer act as a VPN service provider. The tool is completely safe and secure, and it makes very difficult for third parties to monitor your internet usage access. You can unblock almost all websites by connecting to another computer which has access to all such websites.

To get started, you need to login first. You can log in using Facebook, Google Account, GitHub or you can create your own account on the tool. Then you need to choose between requesting internet access and offering internet access, choose a suitable option and share your link with other uProxy users and you are done.

How does uProxy works

When you get internet access from a friend, a secure connection between your computer and the other computer is created. And then when you open a website on your web browser, all the incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted and then transferred to the other side. Any third-party service monitoring your connection will see a connection between your computer and your friend’s computer and what lies underneath will remain a secret.

uProxy for Chrome & FirefoxYou can use social networks to log in to uProxy and easily find your friends who are on uProxy as well; you can connect to them directly but given that you both are online and logged into the same social network.

uProxy is a great free service and an intuitive idea; you can get access to blocked websites on your internet with the help of your friends and family. The tool works great, and the connection interruptions are few.

You can also install uProxy on a cloud server and get seamless access to the internet anywhere around the globe. You can also manually install it on your server. The entire process can be automated if you choose DigitalOcean as your cloud hosting provider. For manual installation, the tool requires Docker.

Click here to download uProxy. It makes for a great personalized proxy tool.

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