KProxy: Free anonymous web proxy

The best thing about KProxy is that you do not have to install it. That means you do not have to go clean registry after uninstalling the program to remove all traces. This review of KProxy checks out the claims on its websites about it being able to protect your data on the Internet and change the IP address of your connection so that people don’t know where you are from. In addition, we also check if we can indeed access websites blocked by admins.

Free anonymous web proxy

According to the manufacturers of KProxy proxy, it is a tool that you can use for two purposes:

  1. Secure your data while it travels the Internet (This must be related to NSA snooping etc.);
  2. Provide you with a proxy that enables you to visit any website that is blocked by the network admins

There are three versions of KProxy:

  1. KProxy Online version that you can use directly via browser. No need to start any application.
  2. Windows version that runs only on Windows to give you both encryption and proxy.
  3. A cross-platform version that runs across different operating systems, including Linux (I did not test this, as I do not have Linux on any computer at my place).

KProxy review

To use KProxy, all you have to do is to fire up your browser and enter “” into the address bar. You will get a webpage with a text box in the middle. Type the name of any website that you wish to visit, and you will be taken there – with an encrypted connection and with a different IP address.

KProxy Free anonymous web proxy

To test “Blocked websites part” I tried a couple of websites after putting them in Internet Options’ Restricted List. The KProxy simply ignored the Restricted List. It went smooth so this part works well.

The only drawback when you use the online version is that you will get an ad banner right on the top of screen so your familiar websites will look odd. But since the service is free and given that the service providers need money to maintain the service, this is not much of an issue.

Check out the image above for an idea of how it looks (click on the image to enlarge it). The YouTube appearance could be due to lower CPU power. Please check it out at your end and let us know if was just my machine or KProxy tries to load lighter versions of websites.

NOTE: You need to have redirects turned ON if you wish to use the online version, else you will be stuck at “Loading…” message.

KProxy agent

The first time I ran surf.exe after unzipping the portable version, it opened Google Chrome in Incognito mode. Please note that Google Chrome is not my default browser so I guess it works with only Chrome and Chrome based browsers.

You will get a box with choices as to which proxy to use. Click on the button towards the left of the proxy server to connect to it. It also has some other options that allow you to specify your own proxy. Check out the image below to see the box.

KProxy review

With Chrome, when I tested my IP, it showed Germany. Also, the site “” was not able to detect it as a proxy, but showed it as router or something like a firewall. That part is fine too. With Chrome and the proxy agent still open, I tested my IP on Firefox that was able to detect Hyderabad where I am writing this post. That proves it works only on Chrome, even with a separate proxy agent.

KProxy – Conclusion & free download

It does what the developers of KProxy says. You get to surf anonymously, but only on Chrome Incognito mode. Other browsers will not help but you can use the online version.

The online version of KProxy has an icon showing a lock. You can use this to toggle between https (secure) and http (normal) mode. For maximum privacy, we recommend that you turn it on. You can also get to secure mode by typing “https://kproxy. com” instead of “http://kproxy. com” in the address bar of your browser.

Some Questions

If I access Internet through the two browsers at the same time, will not the browser other than one running on KProxy give away what/who I am? This is for the portable version. After all, there are social media and Internet marketing agents following us everywhere!

If I have three tabs open in any browser and I use KPROXY in one of them, will the other two tabs give away what/who I am? How does KProxy work in that case?

Read our review of Spotflux to know how it compares with KProxy. Another option is UltraSurf but it does not provide encryption unlike KProxy, which does!

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Arun Kumar is a Microsoft MVP alumnus, obsessed with technology, especially the Internet. He deals with the multimedia content needs of training and corporate houses. Follow him on Twitter @PowercutIN


  1. hackerman1

    “Secure your data while it travels the Internet (This must be related to NSA snooping etc.);”

    There is another good reason to use a “secure connection”.
    If you connect to an open WIFI-network, freely available at fx. coffeshops & restaurants,

    then you risk having sensitive information like usernames and passwords stolen.

    How ?
    Because there is usually no security on those WFI-networks, no encryption means that everyone can “listen” on the traffic.
    But kproxy doesn´t offer any “secure” connection, i tested the online version mentioned above,
    on I clicked on the blue button “surf!” which then took me to

    But, the URL in my browsers addressbar shows this:

    Note the “http” !

    There is NO security between my browser and kproxy !
    Which means that if I had been on an open WIFI-network I would NOT have been protected !
    If you want a secure connection then you need a VPN.
    There is fx. a free VPN available at

    A proxy like kproxy can be useful if you fx. want to watch from another country than USA,
    but do NOT think it´s secure….

    And from what i found when I did a quich search: the kproxy-agent requires JAVA to be installed.
    There are securityrisks with JAVA, do NOT install it unless you absolutely need it.

    Note: JAVA and javascript are two different things.
    Javascript is used on webbsites, JAVA is normally not required unless you fx. are a programmer developing software.

    This means that in order to get “security” with the help of kproxy-agent you have to install other software with BIG securityproblems !?

  2. Arun Kumar

    Java is off on all my browsers. I enable it only to access my bank – that requires Java for two factor authentication. Probably, Kproxy too does the same. Kproxy agent does use .jar files so I won’t differ from you on this point.

    Regarding the http, there is a button on the site that users can use to toggle between https and http. It was obvious so I did not mention it… the button with a lock icon…on the main index page (

    It seems the main case here is to get to blocked websites, rather than making it an always on private connection. In that case, I would want Ultrasurf over KProxy as it changes the IP of my computer rather than just changing it for a session on Chrome only.

    But you are right. VPN is better anytime, compared to these types of proxies. I personally use and recommend Spotflux. And that way, I don’t have to worry over blocked websites etc as well.

    Thank you, for highlighting the Java issue. Let’s see what the developers have to say on this.



  4. Dave

    This didn’t work for me. I checked with whatsmyip and it showed another ip and location, but the site I accessed posted my actual ip. I even used secure setting. Be careful out there.

  5. jjones

    Icognito or no, I do not personally trust chrome (google app) so this is a miss. Maybe when it works with Firefox or Opera I will reconsider.

  6. Dave1949

    Just found out (listening to Pandora) that the KProxy Agent only gives 30 minutes of use, then cuts off. You have to wait another 30 minutes to re-connect. I know it’s “free” but that’s enough to put me off. I have other paths I can follow if I want to listen to streaming content that’s otherwise unavailable.

  7. Toheed

    Your KProxy is not working on my computer I have a limited account on this computer with a windows 7 & have a domain network & there is all websites are blocked like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Do you have any other way to use your proxy or any other ideas to access my social websites so kindly share with me……………….


  8. Schema koko

    i use anonymous proxy to unblock blocked sites.

  9. naja

    some times kproxy dont work so what do u do

  10. naja

    these do not work

  11. There are other proxies available. Try them. An example, Ultrasurf, a portable proxy that you can run without installation.

  12. Jacob Vereen

    did you do this

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