Download WinZip app for Windows 8 Free (Not Free)


  1. Nowhere does it say on the Windows Store page nor anywhere on the app, which I downloaded and installed that it is ‘not free’. It clearly states that it is FREE. If after 15 days I find that it is indeed ‘not free’ – but a trial, then it will be a clear cut example of misrepresentation.

  2. Click the link in the article; under the first paragraph entitled description, click read more. Read the last sentence.

  3. Yes it should have, but then “hiding” the price of something isn’t uncommon for these types of apps. are they? But that IS a pretty minimal fee to ask for anyways. It is actually “almost” free, especially for all that it does. 🙂

  4. Oh I see it now way down. True ‘hiding’ is common but I wouldn’t expect this from a company of WinZip’s standing. Anyway – thanks for the inputs. Will update the post.

  5. I hope you don`t mind if someone from WinZip pipes in here!

    We’re developing WinZip for Windows 8 to be optimally useful for RT devices, since our power users on the desktop are already well served with WinZip 17. When we looked at the issues users are facing on WinRT, one of the first things we saw were the challenges with file sharing – specifically being able to push and pull files off your device. While WinRT device users can turn to many individual apps for sharing content to various cloud services, they’re not designed to provide a single environment that offers a productive and secure TWO WAY interaction with the dominant cloud services. This, to us, is a real, and rather cool benefit that we wanted user to enjoy now.

    With regards to the subscription option, we apologize for not making it more evident in our store copy at launch. We fixed it within the first few hours of the app going live, as quickly as we could. We would have displayed the subscription price on the storefront, but unfortunately the Windows store technology does not yet support display of subscription fees.

    Moving on to making WinZip for Windows 8 a subscription product, our intention is to keep adding new features, and more importantly, to continue supporting the cloud services over time. We anticipate that supporting these as they evolve will require continued efforts and investments from us. Sign-on now and you will be getting new cool features added-on in the future.

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