Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)


  1. Yeah I knew this already. I don’t know though what kind of device it supposedly mean as Unknown..
    But if I choose to “Scan for hardware changes”, it recognize my fake “virtual” monitor and I don’t want that!

    This is the phenomenon I wonder if you can explain and help me with:

    I have 1 monitor for my pc wich is an BenQ M2700HD and if I for example log out and back in it starts using this “general monitor” or whatever it’s called in english in the dev manager.. How is it that it rather wanna use my (nonexistent) monitor when I already got 1 REAL monitor connected?
    I tried many stuff like setting or deselecting som checkboxes in policymanager and regedit but none prevents Windows from initializing this virtual monitor..

    Any ideas?

  2. I also had similar issues with devices. I solve most by deleting all hidden devices which are not connected. 🙂

  3. Didn’t help. It just shows up again after I go to my computer, right-click, and press scan for hardware changes.

  4. hi there! i’ve tried this but still the device was not successfully installed..what should i do? can anyone help me pls?

  5. If you are running Windows 8.1 and have this problem there is a fix at the one referenced here is not for 8.1. The registry key changes are supposed to be part of the fix for Windows 8.1 but the actual “hotfix files are not. In fact, if you run it it will tell you that the hot fix is not compatible and won’t let you run it. Its odd because I found it looking at my “windows update settings,” when I checked for the optional updates that are not auto installed, but the yesterday I checked it and that one wasn’t there. Maybe it was good timing…

  6. Same, it didn’t do anything for my cheap a$$ bluetooth dongle, got the same error code after scanning.

  7. This took care of my Acer 22″ touch screen monitor not working suddenly in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit…thank you!!

  8. This does not work. I was confused at step 3. But got the step on Scan for hardware changes. After this, it says ‘restart compute’. I am not sure if I need to disconnect my iPhone. I restarted the computer with iPhone connected. But it did not connect the iPhone. I reconnected the iPhone. It gave the same notice saying ‘unknown device’. So now what is the solution? I need to connect my iPhone to download pictures on it.

  9. this is FALSE!!! DOES NOT WORK!!! it just IMMEDIATELY goes RIGHT BACK INTO “unknown device” on a BRAND NEW EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE

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