Fix Windows Hardware and Devices problems with Troubleshooter


  1. I have tried all things windows to get my wireless mouse and keyboard to work again after installing some Dell updates. Windows used to recognize them and it word work right away. strangely, when I got into Bios, wireless keyboard and mouse do work. once I get to windows desktop, no joy. I am forced to use the laptop keyboard. tried all of your suggestions and nothing works so something is suppressing my USB connection from windows.

  2. Windows has terrible advice. You sent us Windows 8.1 users to this page and a majority of the options don’t exist. I put a flash drive in and it’s scolding hot burning. Never had this issue and I hate Windows 8.1. It’s no good, nobody should use it and maybe people should start a lawsuit against Microsoft.

  3. Fantastic solution, all is fine now. Thank you very much for your kind advice…

  4. In January 2017 I began using Philips voice tracer LFH0662 on my window 7 laptop and my new windows 10 office computer. Everything worked fine until yesterday, 3-16 when both computers said they did not recognize the USB device.
    Tried Hardware Troubleshooting without success on the Windows 7 laptop. I tried unistalling Roots but that didn’t get far at all.
    I am now out of business since I cannot dictate.
    I am computer illiterate so any help has to be spelled out step by step.

  5. I think I uninstalled my camera recognition for sign in. The light to the left above my screen doesn’t come on. Help!

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