How to run Troubleshooter in Windows 10 from the command line

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  1. DFWDraco76

    I’ve found on a number of our Windows 10 machines I’m having to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter monthly in order to get updates to install.
    The command line is great, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to run this silently and have it automatically apply fixes? At the rate I’m going now I can’t get any of my projects knocked out because I’m in a neverending loop of getting Windows Updates installed.

  2. Derp

    Have you looked at running a .bat file to do it for you? Create a scheduled task to run the .bat file that instructs it to update windows from the command line.

  3. DFWDraco76

    Yes, that’s the idea — once I figure out the command to run it silently and have it automatically apply the fixes…

  4. Odoyle

    Did you find the command to run it silently? I have the same issue you describe in our environment.

  5. DFWDraco76

    No, but I’m not having the problem on 1703. It was just the previous build that seemed to be flaky with updates…

  6. Odoyle

    Thanks for the reply! Good to know 1703 is less flaky.

  7. Erik

    msdt.exe /cab is great. Or, I could just double click it. What we need is how to build the Answer file to use with the /af parameter.

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