Windows 10 stuck on Hi there screen

The process of installing Windows 10 is pretty complicated in the background no matter how easy it looks in the foreground. There have been some scenarios where the setup is stuck at the Hi there screen. The user is not able to input the information in the given fields, and hence, the screen does not move ahead. Some of the reasons for this abnormal behavior is a damaged setup image, invalid boot configuration, and more.

Windows 10 stuck on Hi there screen

Windows 10 stuck on Hi there screen

If your Windows 10 installation is stuck on the Hi there screen, these suggestions may help you move forward:

  1. Get a new Setup image.
  2. Use Automatic Repair.
  3. Recreate BCD.

Since your installation or upgrade is stuck, you need to abandon it by powering off your PC. Having done that, restart your PC normally and follow these instructions.

1] Get a new setup image

Due to the possibility of corruption of data of your installation media, you will have to create a new USB Bootable device again and start the installation process.

If that method does not work, you will have to recreate the bootable device using a new ISO image file for Windows 10.

2] Use Automatic Repair

You can try to run the Startup Repair utility by rebooting into the Advanced Options. This will clear off any obstacles like bad system files, invalid boot configuration, and more.

If your computer is not booting into the operating system at all, you need to boot your computer using a bootable device for Windows Setup.

When you get to the Windows Setup screen, select Repair your computer on the bottom left portion of the window.

repair your computer windows setup

Follow the on-screen instructions to fix your computer.

3] Recreate BCD

Fix Boot and MBR using bootrec command

Boot your computer using a bootable device for Windows Setup.

When you get to the Windows Setup screen, hit the Shift+F10 keys on your computer.

You will have the Command Prompt open with Administrator level rights.

Enter the following commands one by one in the given sequence to rebuild BCD –

bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot
bootrec /ScanOS
bootrec /RebuildBcd

Reboot your computer and check.

I hope this helps you.

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