Windows 10 Media Creation Tool error: Problem running this tool or starting setup

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  1. Jody Treft

    Does not work!

  2. Scornedlodas

    Actually most likely whats going on is the tool has problems reading the usb storage size dosn’t matter if it’s 8gb, 20gb, or anything. It just in general has been having problems calculating properly “windows 10 media tool gathers usb info via computer”. So if there are a bunch of security tools on your computer it might be blocking the media tool from gathering the necessary info it needs. simply download as a iso image and use windows 7 dvd/usb tool and it will install no problems. The DVD/USB tool reads the usb and gets the storage size from the usb witch if formatted properly will always state it’s exact size via 8gb being 8gb, not 20gb to unattainable because the media creation tool wasn’t programmed properly. Just another stiuation where you fix Microsoft with more Microsoft πŸ™‚

  3. Scornedlodas

    download as a iso file and use windows 7 DVD/USB tool it will instal no problems πŸ™‚ 12% faster than with media creation tool to because it has a fast verification process.

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