Download Windows 10 Guides for Beginners from Microsoft

While we at TheWindowsClub bring you some of the best guides on how you can use Windows in your daily life. If you are looking for a visual experience of different parts of Windows, Microsoft has got you covered. These visual guides to Windows 10 can help you understand and also use it effectively. You can download this Windows 10 Guide for beginners – but before that let’s take a look at what it has to offer for everyone.

Windows 10 Guide Microsoft

Windows 10 Guides for beginners from Microsoft

These Windows 10 Guides are divided into 8 sub-guides. It includes topics like Store, Windows Defender, Photos App, and more. While it tells you straightaway how to use it, the guide is only for beginners. and if you are looking for something advanced, you can always follow us.  Let’s take a look at it briefly.

1] Microsoft Store

This guide educates you about the UI layout, what each tile means, how you can install apps, find new content, and recommend apps i.e top games, apps featured and so on. You will have to use a Microsoft account to download apps, buy games and so on. Click here.

2] Windows Defender

The Defender is the inbuilt antivirus, anti-ransomware solution in Windows 10. The tutorial offers how you can configure and use it and make sure your computer is safe. Click here.

3] Maps App

Even though Maps is not a very popular app from Microsoft, but this guide shares some of the lesser-known features to help you find, and navigate while driving. Click here.

4] Photos App

Photos app has got a major overhaul recently, and it allows you to create 3D images, and edit the images with some basic tools so you don’t need to use any third-party app for all those basic needs. Click here.

5] Movies & TV App

This is another basic app Windows offers you to watch Movies on your Windows 10 PC which you can either buy or play local movies. Click here.

6] Desktop at work

This guide takes you through different parts of Desktop including Start menu, Cortana, Taskbar and Action center. You will learn how to manage tiles, clear notifications from action center, manage icons on the system tray and so on. Click here.

7] Connect to a network printer

Connecting printer is important, especially when it’s over the network. If you have a printer that works over LAN or WiFi, this guide lets you connect, and print through it. Click here.

8] Bring your own device

This guide is useful if you carry your device to work or school. You will need to use an account from your work or school, and it gets access to organizational resources and connect to their network. Also, this will make sure the device follow the rules and group policies applied by the admin. Click here.

While parts of the guide is still getting updated, and you may find a few features rather old compared to the recent version, but if you are a beginner, it should work fine for you to get started.

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