Webroot DE-BUG removes Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) from your PC

Often, when you launch a browser, its default webpage redirects you to some other page or gets changed to some unknown website. This change strongly suggests your PC is infected with a Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA or PUP). Webroot DE-BUG is a free application that helps you remove them in seconds.

Webroot DE-BUG is a simple utility developed to remove Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs/PUPs) and Adware. It can detect unwanted entries for-

  1. Browser add-ons (Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer)
  2. Files
  3. DNS
  4. Proxy
  5. Folders
  6. Home Pages
  7. Registry Keys/Values/Data
  8. Shortcuts
  9. Hijacked Browser Targets

Webroot DE-BUG PUA & Adware Remover

Webroot DE-BUG PUA & Adware Remover

Simply download the file and run it. The interface appears simplistic and uncluttered. The main screen displays a basic set of tools and controls that are self-explanatory. For instance, there’s a button ‘Scan for threats’ that looks for any unwanted material and display the current status of your PC.

After that, you will find the Overview section where you can view the total number of threats detected. You can choose to ‘Remove Threats’, if found or simply proceed to the Scan section to get a detailed view of threats discovered.

Adjacent to the ‘Scan’ tab you can find the ‘History’ tab. It offers you quick access to the detailed logs of all past scanning sessions. You can choose to take one of the following actions,

  1. Open
  2. Delete

Lastly, there’s ‘Settings’ tab. It allows you to configure different options. You can even choose to reset your settings. Just select the options by checking the boxes marked against different variables and hit the ‘Reset’ button. You can reset Chrome, Firefox, Windows Firewall, Winsock, Proxy and more.

All in all, Webroot De-bug is a great option to remove potentially unwanted Applications (PUAs/PUPs) and Adware. However one has to be cautious – it tends to gives false-positive reactions, and so you need to check the findings and then select what you want to remove. Some users reported the app flags genuine products as unwanted. Apart from this, the app works well and functions as desired.

Go get it from its download page.

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