Should I Remove It: Freeware to help you decide whether to uninstall software in Windows

Usually when we install a third-party tool on Windows, some programs add their toolbar to browsers installed on Windows and edit the homepage. This becomes ridiculous, because their homepage is not of any use for us. However, many of the geeks make the careful selection while installing these third-party tools, but on the other hand newcomers do not make the careful selection. As a result of this, the software is able to install its predefined toolbar, ad-ware etc.

Meet Should I Remove It, a tiny, lightweight program designed to show you what programs you have installed on your computer and quickly determine what programs you can safely remove. Should I Remove It? is totally free, and does not bundle any additional software, that means no ad-ware, spyware, malware or other types of shareware.

Should I Remove It

Should I Remove It

As you can see in above screenshot, the tool is capable in detecting the third-party toolbar and mark them with a red signal, so that Windows users can get a clear idea that which things have to be removed to clean our PC. But you cannot depend on these ratings alone. Use them only as an indication. Because these ratings are collected from the feedback from the other users of this tool. So ultimately you will have to decide whether the program is useful to you or not.

Clicking on the Uninstall button will uninstall the selected software. Clicking on the ‘What is it’ button will open a web page that gives information about the software.

This tool also provides an option to run its clean up wizard every month, so that in case if you forgot to clean your PC, the tool will do itself for you.


The programs installer will not ask you where you want it installed. Nor will it install in the usual location viz. Program Files folder. It instead installs itself in the C:\Users\ACK\AppData\Roaming\Reason\Should I Remove It folder. If you decide to uninstall it, you can do so smoothly via the Control Panel.

It is clear that this tool is from Reason Software, the same people who have developed a shareware called Boost. In fact, when you click on the “Slow PC? Download” button it takes you to the products ‘download / buy’ web page on It is obvious that the free tool is being used by Reason Software to promote its other paid software called Boost. 

WOT rates poorly. While this may not mean much for some of you, we feel we need to tell you all, to help you decide “Should you download it” or not!

Otherwise the tool has its merits and can be of some use to you, if you do decide to download it from its download page and check it out. But remember … you shouldn’t start uninstalling installed software just because of what it says and how they are ranked by it – it is there to help you decide.

This free software comes to you from the makers of herdProtect and Reason Core Security Free.

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. Guy DEQUIN

    it is a scrappy software with non-sense indications !
    very stupid….
    this application should the first in the list of useless applications !
    Moreover, it can’t be uninstall via Control Panel!

  2. D J

    Will not install on an XP Pro SP2 desktop. Error message reads “Could not access VBScript run time for custom action” inside of a pop-up message box called “Installer Information.” FAIL!

  3. Aj

    Microsoft has created a Fix-It for this!
    What this Fix it does is to remove incorrect or corrupt registry entries that interfere with VB support in windows and then re-registers the DLL ensuring that the correct registry setting are there. After running the Fix it solution you may be able to immediately try the operation that previously gave you the error, but to be sure, a reboot is suggested. This will address similar issues with other programs as well and not just the applications that are specifically mentioned in this thread.

    The link to the Fix it is:


  4. Jim Boyd

    Oddly enough…the first thing I noticed is the spelling in the title of this article.

    Honestly, if you need software like this…you probably shouldn’t own a computer to begin with.

  5. D J

    Well, I tried the link that you suggested and received yet another error message. The “name” of the message is “Microsoft Fix It 50842” and the detailed text reads “This Microsoft Fix It does not apply to your operating system or application version.” In my initial post there is a typo. I have Service Pack 3 installed, not SP2.

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