Turn off Calendar app notifications in Windows 10

Windows 10 alerts you with a pop-up notification from the bottom left side, every time you have a calendar reminder or event. This notification is also visible in the Notifcations & Actions Center till you click on it to see it or you choose to Clear all. If you do not like the continuous flow of notifications, there is a way where you can disable and turn off Calendar app notifications in Windows 10.

Turn off Calendar app notifications in Windows 10

Disable Calendar app notifications in Windows 10

Notifications are an important part of an operating system. Whenever there is an important action performed, Windows by default, provides feedback to the user through notifications. It could be a Calendar event, arrival of new mail, connecting or disconnecting a USB device, battery low alert, etc. If you wish to disable notifications for the Calendar app, do the following.

To disable Calendar app notifications, open Settings > System > Notifications & actions.

Turn off Mail and Calendar app notifications

Here, under Show notifications from these apps, you need to toggle the button from On to Off position.

You can also do the same for the Mail and other apps. You can also turn off Email Notifications of Mail app via its app settings.

This will turn off banner and sound notifications for the Windows 10 Calendar app.

This post will show you how to disable and turn off notifications and system sounds in Windows 10.

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  1. Farelle

    Doesn’t work still getting spam invites to events, even with calendar notifications turned off, getting so many the computer is barely usable

  2. Brad B

    I know this is a older thread or whatever but I cant seem to find any help on a issue similar. I just got done with a clean install of windows and I have 2 emails synced and only 1 tied into my calendar.

    I keep getting a windows 10 notification or alert as if I have a date or alarm set up on my calendar. It notifies me and I do not want to just turn them off as I use them. It seems to be spam as a its a “earn 25k/week with a mobile app etc etc. and says the time at which to alert at like 2-3 am and I can press snooze or dismiss. I go to calendar and I have nothing in my calendars that show this. I go to press it as if I am acknowledging it and it just disappears. Can anyone help?

    I went to my live and gmail emails and nothing in live and or spam but in gmail I see one spam mail that is Verizon associated and looks as if its phishing or spam and wants to offer me something to do with what appears to be a program to get into a phone business which kinda fits the alert or notice I am getting. I blocked it and reported but I dont know if thats whats going on.

    I have calendar events turned off in gmail and windows 10 mail and contacts but its still getting through some how. I dont know what to do. Just clean installed and ran full virus sweep. It happens once every 2 weeks or less.

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