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Best free Google Calendar alternatives for Windows PC

Google Calendar is a popular calendaring wizard that enables you to record upcoming events and appointments daily. However, everyone has their preference and the liking for one product changes as the time changes. Not everyone is comfortable using Google Calendar […]

How to turn off or change Notifications for Google Calendar

Gone are those days when you used to keep a dairy to catalog planned events, list the appointments and schedule the meetings. With the development of the web-based digital calendar, tracking appointments have been a lot easier and you don’t […]

Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Best free software to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar are the most predominant calenders used today as a daily reminder. Most often your daily activities require you to keep multiple calendars that servers for both business and personal use. Some might prefer to keep […]

Stop Outlook Calendar email notifications

How to stop Outlook Calendar email notifications

If you are receiving too many reminder emails about your Calendar events in Outlook, you might want to disable these Calendar Email Notifications in Outlook on your Windows PC. This post will show you how you can turn off Outlook […]

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks to manage schedules

Although there are so many free calendar apps for Windows PC as well as Windows Phone, most of the people use the Microsoft Calendar because this is free, easy to use and it comes with very useful features. Whenever you […]

Hide Agenda from Taskbar Clock in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

How to hide Agenda from Taskbar Clock in Windows 10

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Anniversary Update a few weeks ago, and it brought numerous new features. The Taskbar clock introduces a new feature that shows the agenda for the day if you click on the “Agenda” link. Now, if […]

How to add National Holidays to Windows 10 Calendar App

How to add National Holidays to Calendar App in Windows 10

Microsoft ships a built-in Calendar app with the Windows 10 operating system. With Windows 10, the app gets even better with a revamped interface and added functionalities. You can use this app to connect it with your Microsoft Account and […]

Windows 10 Calendar App

How to use Windows 10 Calendar App

Microsoft has changed the look and feel of Calendar app in Windows 10. The most noticeable change, you will find in Windows 10 calendar app is the ability for users to sync and view their Google Calendar, something that was […]

How to export and import Calendars in Windows Live Hotmail

In this article we will see how to export Calendars in Windows Live Hotmail which can be later imported as required in other applications. I will also touch upon how to subscribe to, or import calendars. Sign-in to Hotmail Calendar […]

Windows Live Hotmail Calendar embeds 5 days weather forecasts

Another nice feature has been added to the Windows Live Hotmail Calendar. Five days weather forecast is shown in your Calendar for the current week. Very useful feature which will give you the weather forecast along with your day’s  calendar […]