Troubleshoot issues after reconnecting Microsoft Outlook client to

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  1. I haven’t been able to email pictures from outlook since they started their so called upgrade in august 2016..
    Reciepients get a line like this: [cid:image001.jpg@01D245AD.671C6AA0] instead of the picture..
    All my email adresses are live or outlook adresses..
    I have reformatted 4 times since and all the usual blah blah stuff & still not works..
    Microsoft still doesn’t come up with an answer to this – The attitude is the end-user is a complete idiot and have a nice day… I installed Thunderbird and suddently my reciepients are able to get the pictures i send.. By using my outlook mail through gmail i have no problems either..
    I need an email client that works!
    After Microsoft pulled the killswitch on Windows Live Mail (which of course worked) you end up spending money on Office 360 or 2016 (which i don’t use or need), just to get the outlook part and then they screw your mails over bigtime… I still haven’t got an answer/solution to my problem from Microsoft and definitely no serious help from the Microsoft community… BUT! if you have a secret solution to this, it will be most welcome 😉

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