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Early this year, Microsoft introduced a new with several new features, and they have been upgrading the web accounts of all the users gradually. If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your desktop email client, you may have to reconnect Outlook 2016 client to your account for uninterrupted email access. If you do not do it, Outlook may just stop syncing with

reconnect outlook to outlook com
Microsoft has put up a notice on December 21, 2016, as follows:

[ACTION REQUIRED] Reconnect your desktop version of Outlook to your account to ensure uninterrupted email access. If you do not reconnect your account, your emails will soon stop syncing to Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013. Once you reconnect, your emails will resume syncing to your desktop version of Outlook.

If you need to reconnect Microsoft Outlook desktop email client to your account, you have two options:

  1. Create a new Profile, if it is the primary or only account you are accessing
  2. Delete the old account and create and add the as a new account, if you have multiple accounts in Microsoft Outlook.

Create a new Profile in Outlook

To create a new profile, open your Control Panel, type Mail in the search box and click on the result – Mail that you see, to open the following box.

Click on Show Profiles and then on the Add button.

Give the profile a name and select OK.

The following box will open, where you can set up your as usual.


Click on the Add Account link to open the following wizard and fill in the details. Click on Next and follow the wizard.

Remove the email account & recreate it

If you use Microsoft Outlook to sync several email accounts, you will have to delete the account and create a new one.

To remove the email account from Outlook, open Outlook, click on the File tab > Account Settings. Now select the email account and then click on the Remove link.

Having done this, you will have to re-create this account, as mentioned above.

Once the account is created, you will have to restart Microsoft Outlook.

This worked for me, and I hope it works for you too.

These suggestions can also be useful to you if you see Problem connecting to Server message in Outlook.

You may be required to do this only if you are using Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 to access your accounts. You do not have to reconnect to your other email accounts, such as Office 365, Exchange, etc. If you face issues,

See this post if you face issues, Troubleshoot issues after reconnecting Microsoft Outlook client to

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