Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 PC


  1. I agree that DuOS is great, but for those whose hardware or otherwise present issues, Andyroid is completely self-installing (but requires knowledge of setting up/using virtual machines); for those with devices which cannot install VMs, Bluestacks installs easily with no VM, and even has the Android browser. But while these are all good for requesting mobile versions of sites, not even by changing screen resolution et al can you convince sites offering mobile-only “deals” that you’re actually using a mobile device…at least most apps will run in the emulators, though. Cheers!

  2. This article is either very out of date, or the author has never tried AMI DuOS. In performance terms it’s leagues ahead of Bluestacks, which can struggle to perform well even on a desktop system. DuOS on the other hand can run well on Atom-based tablets and netbooks.

  3. AMI DuOS needs special expertise to install and operate. I had a tough time installing it on Windows 10. After that I had to install Play that should come preinstalled as with the other emulators.
    But thanks. Everyone has their own favorites. As I said in the article, if you have other preferences, you are welcome to share with others.

  4. If they include the Google apps preinstalled that’s quite possibly a copyright violation. Android is open source but they aren’t, that’s why with DuOS, CyanogenMod, etc. you have to install them afterwards.

  5. The SDK and Genymotion have struggles with AMD cpus. Which emulators work best on an AMD machine?

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