Andy Android Emulator lets you run Android apps & games on Windows 10 PC

Ever wanted to play Android games on your Windows PC or wanted to run Android apps like WhatsApp, BBM on your Windows PC? The idea seems great and is brought to reality by Andy. Andy from Andyroid is a free Android emulator that runs on VMware VirtualBox technology. Though facing competition with BlueStacks, Andy stands out differently with some features that even BlueStacks doesn’t offer.

NOTE: Andy OS Android Emulator found to be installing GPU Miner.

Andy Android Emulator

Play Android apps & games on Windows PC

Andy gives you a pure Android feeling by installing an Android tablet firmware in a virtual space. If you switch to the full-screen mode, you will feel like you are operating an Android PC.

Let it be games like ‘Clash of Clans’ or social apps like ‘WhatsApp’, it can run almost any Android app that can run on a normal Android tablet.

Andy Android emulator

There are a lot of bundled apps provided by the developers which include popular games and social media apps which are available for Android platform.

This freeware comes pre-installed with 1Click Sync application that ensures seamless integration of apps from PC to mobile device without any hassle of making a connection. You can use your mobile as a remote control for Andy to play games by simply downloading the Andy Remote Control app from Google Play here.

The developers made a comparison between Andy, BlueStacks, and YouWave which are considered as the best Android emulators. I would like to add the comparison in this post to highlight the features where Andy stands differently.

Andy Comparison

Run Android apps & games on Windows 10

Installing and setting up Andy is a very easy job. You just need to run the setup, click ‘Next’ a few times then the installer is on its own. It will automatically download the required files, VirtualBox and will automatically integrate Andy into VirtualBox, and you will not even feel that you’ve installed VirtualBox on your Windows computer. If you manually want to change some settings for Andy, you can do so by opening the VirtualBox from the Start Menu.

Andy Virtual Box

Overall, Andy is a complete Android solution for Windows, but if you are thinking of turning your PC into and the Android machine then Andy will not be a suitable option. It has been developed just to enjoy apps on a bigger screen that are available on your Android phone. Playing mobile games on a bigger screen is fun, and if you get applications like WhatsApp on your PC, then it is amazing too.

Andy Android Emulator free download

Visit to download Andy.

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  1. Hello Author,

    Thank you for featuring us in your post. However, our team strongly suggest that the Virtual machine shouldnt be altered unless it is asked to, because our current build are much better as previously. =)

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    When I just trying to open andy that erro will be on screen
    Erro-Failed Attempt to lunch Program or documents
    How to fix this
    help me

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