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How to optimize the Outlook mobile app for your Phone

Outlook mobile app for Android and iOS offers a right balance between its utility and feature power. The app apart from a brand-new design boasts an intuitive UI that makes it extremely easy to navigate through it while on the […]

Android file transfer not working Windows 10

Android file transfer not working on Windows 10

The USB connection is the most common way to connect an Android phone to a Windows 10 computer. You can use it to carry out file transfers take place. But at times, you may find that the file transfers do […]

How to setup and manage Your Phone to get notifications from Android

Your Phone app Notifications are not syncing or working

Microsoft introduced the Notification syncing feature from Android phone to Windows 10 very recently. But some users have been reporting that this feature is not working properly for them. This can be caused if the link between the computer and […]

How to setup and manage Your Phone to get notifications from Android

How to get Phone notifications on your Windows 10 PC

Your Phone app has become a hub to sync notifications from any Phone to your Windows 10 computer. It has replaced the Cortana app in enabling the same feature. While a user cannot replicate their Phone apps on their Windows […]

Sync Over Mobile Data Your Phone Companion

Make Your Phone app Sync over mobile data in Windows 10

The user needs to have the Your Phone app installed on the computer and the Your Phone Companion app on Android device or iOS device to sync data between Windows 10 PC and the smartphone. However, until now, it was […]

USB tethering not working on Windows 10 PC

If you are trying to share the internet from your Android mobile to your Windows 10 PC, but USB tethering is not working, then this post will help you. You may be able to connect your Android mobile to a […]

How to share screen on Skype for Android and iOS

Skype is one of the oldest and the best video and audio conferencing service in the world. After buying Skype a few years ago, Microsoft has managed to make it a part of their productivity suite and is constantly pushing […]

How to turn your Phone into a Microphone for PC

However expensive our computers might be, they lack a good quality microphone. Since the microphone is very rarely used on Desktops and Laptops, manufacturers tend to use low-quality microphones in their products. On the other hand, our mobile phones have […]

iPhone or Android phone keeps disconnecting from Windows PC

When the connection from your iPhone or Android phone to your Windows PC is not complete, it gets disconnected after a few attempts. Also, you might notice that the device keeps connecting and disconnecting now and then. If you have […]

How to send text messages from Windows 10 with Android Phone

Windows 10 and Android has come a long way. Microsoft offers the Phone app which allows one to connect the phone, and then access data. However, it needs Microsoft Launcher or Cortana to make it work. It brings notifications, messaging […]

android phone webcam

Use your Android mobile phone as a Webcam for streaming

Streaming on the Internet is growing to be yet another career path taken by many. This stands to be another way for one to build their upon and share their skills and knowledge. But while using some desktops, webcam or […]

Edge Browser

How to send web page URL from your Phone to Windows 10

Apart from Windows, Microsoft Edge Browser is available for mobile iOS and Android devices. As such, it guarantees continuous browsing experience from your mobile device to your Windows 10 PC. This is especially beneficial in cases where you want the […]