Play all the fun Android games with Koplayer on Windows 10

For many, Android is the operating system of choice when it comes down to smartphones. It’s not a bad operating system by any means, but what if one wants to use it on their Windows 10 desktop, is that even possible?

It is, but a lot easier if one downloads a software called Koplayer. Using Android on a desktop can be very useful, especially for playing games that are not available on Windows. However, the main reason for using Android on a desktop is to take advantage of the larger screen.

Play Android games with Koplayer on Windows PC

Play Android games with Koplayer on Windows PC

The first thing users will notice about Koplayer, is the size of the download. It is over 288MB, so be prepared to for a long download if you’re Internet speed is not up to scratch. Otherwise, it should take but minutes for those with an Internet speed that is kicking.

After the software was installed to our computer, we were given the option to sign in with our Google account to get access to the Google Play store. The option was also there to sign up for those who do not yet own a Google account.

After everything is up and running, the program provided us with a virtual smartphone, and it works similar to an actual Android smartphone. The main difference here is that we can control the whole thing with our mouse and keyboard. We’re not sure how well it works with a touchscreen since we do not have access to such things.

We found that we could access and download any app from the Google Play store with ease. We mostly played games, and guess what? The movement mechanism does not require anything new when it comes to using a keyboard and mouse. It seems as if the software automatically maps the movements to the WASD keys, and that’s great.

The option is also there to connect a gamepad, but we did not attempt to try that despite having an Xbox One controller.

To make things even more interesting, Koplayer makes it possible to record gameplay and save them as video files on our computer. Gameplay can then be uploaded to social media, but not from the Koplayer app, of course.

Playing games is not the only thing Koplayer brings to the table. The team behind this program made it possible for us to download and use Android apps as well. Apps such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Word all ran fine on our test computer.

Overall, Koplayer is a solid program for those who want to take advantage of what Android has to offer on their Windows 10 desktop. We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.

Download Koplayer from the official website for zero dollars.

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