Virtoo lets you control your Android phone from Windows PC

The major focus of software developers these days is on providing smooth connectivity between a user’s phone and Windows PC. With Microsoft continuously working on these features, there are a lot of other applications that have shown up in the market that can offer similar features. In this post, we’ve covered an application called Virtoo. Virtoo supports Windows 10 and Android Phones as of now. It lets you wirelessly control your Android phone over Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. It lets you make calls, read messages & use any mobile application on your PC. It lets you connect your phone and PC and lets you receive all the notifications on your PC while your phone is away.

The tagline of Virtoo is ‘Make your smartphone a window on your PC’. And the application is nothing but a great implementation of its tagline. Overall, the application is well built and comes with a load of features.

Virtoo – Control Android Phone from PC

Virtoo uses Bluetooth to initialize a connection between your phone and PC. It is very simple to connect both the devices. Just open the Virtoo app on your phone and make a note of the code provided by the application. Enter the same code in the desktop application and you are done with the connection part. Confirm the PIN and then allow all the permissions asked on your mobile device. Permissions need to be accepted for the first time only.

Virtoo - Control Android phone from PC

Once connected, you can view your phone’s notifications right on your computer screen. Whenever you will receive a notification on your phone, a small notification will also be displayed on your PC. You can customize look and feel of this notification dialog. You can open text messages, reply to them or extract any information from them.

Moreover, you can receive and make calls from your computer itself. This feature is very useful as it often happens that we want to instantly make a call while working on our laptops. Or even if you receive a call while working on your computer, you just need to hit the green button and start talking while you continue your work.

Now comes the most anticipated feature of this application that is wireless display. Virtoo can make your computer a wireless controller for your mobile phone practically letting you use any application from your mobile on your PC. Unlike other features, Wireless Display uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to stream screen’s content over a network. Make sure both the devices are connected to same Wi-Fi, and you can connect to your computer over Wi-Fi Direct.

Once connected, you can use your phone right from your Windows computer. Mouse Clicks will automatically be converted to touch inputs for your mobile phone. Also, the keyboard input will be passed on directly to your mobile device. You can open almost any application. You may reply to your messages on WhatsApp, book an Uber or anything else you can think of. And once you are done using your mobile phone, just close the window, and your phone will be automatically locked. Reconnecting is easy too, if you have added your computer as a trusted device on your phone, then Virtoo can directly unlock it. If your computer is not a trusted device, then you might need to manually enter your password or fingerprint.

Another interesting feature of Virtoo is the desktop shortcuts. You can create shortcuts on your computer to any application in your mobile phone. It is both convenient and cool to directly open a mobile application right from your computer screen.

We feel Virtoo is a great application that takes mobile-computer interconnectivity to the next level. It is easy to set-up and comes with a lot of useful features. I’ve been using this tool a lot, initially faced some glitches but now I can assume a smooth and reliable experience.

Click here to download Virtoo.

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  1. Juliet Bell

    Virtoo is good. Additionally, apps like R-HUB remote support servers are also widely used for remotely accessing Android Phone from PC.

  2. Sounds good, but the link says it’s in closed beta and asks me to join a waiting list.

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