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Free Keylogger software for Windows

Recording the keys pressed on a keyboard is often termed as Key Logging and Keyloggers are the software that let you record the keystrokes and let you view the key logs. Keyloggers are actually useful tools. You can view which keys […]

Configure Facebook Trusted Contacts Security Setting

Facebook has officially rolled out Facebook Trusted Contacts account recovery feature that allows you to select 3 to 5 of your trusted Facebook friends you could reach out to, if ever you needed to recover your Facebook account. If you were […]

keylogger detector

Keylogger Detector freeware for Windows 10/8/7

Malware today, is well capable of installing keyloggers and recording every keystroke you make on your computer, and can well jeopardize your financial details like passwords, credit card numbers and so on. Although these days most antivirus or security software […]

Enable, Disable Secure Logon in Windows 10/8

One way of adding one more layer of security to your Windows computer is by enabling secure logon. By enabling secure logon, users are required to press Ctrl+Alt+Del before they can enter their credentials and log on. Secure logon – […]

Password protect Microsoft Office documents

Microsoft Office 2016/2013 certainly makes it easier to password protect your important documents like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, by making use of its password protection and permission feature. This helps you prevent your documents, workbooks, and presentations from tampering. In […]

Free Anti-theft Laptop Recovery software for Windows PC

Most laptops that are stolen are never recovered. However, if you have an anti-theft application installed, you can ensure the outcome is not so, in your case. Retrieving a lost or stolen laptop becomes easier! In the post, you will find […]

VSUsbLogon: Securely log in to Windows using USB Drive

Hate entering password, every time you log on to Windows? Want a better option that you can carry in your pocket? You can convert your USB Flash Drive into a ‘key’ to help you log into your computer. No need to […]

Encrypt Files or Text easily with VSEncryptor

VSEncryptor is a very easy to use encryption tool which allows you to encrypt any type of file or text. With VSEncryptor you can encrypt a file with a password – but remember – you can decrypt the file again with the same […]

Center service can't be started

Fix: The Windows Security Center service can’t be started

If you receive a The Windows Security Center service can’t be started error message in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then this article may be able to help you troubleshoot the problem. You may try these troubleshooting […]

trusted pc

Make your Windows 8 Computer a Trusted PC

A Trusted PC is a Microsoft account security feature. You can use a Trusted PC to verify your identity automatically and perform sensitive actions like resetting your password or managing your billing info without having to enter a security code […]

Zemana AntiLogger: Free Anti-Keylogger software for Windows 10/8/7

Some of the malware (real financial malware) are well capable of recording every keystroke you make on your computer, posing great threats of keylogger attacks. All the important information – Passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and security codes are all vulnerable […]

Kaspersky Infographic: Secure your Facebook account

Facebook has started rolling out its comprehensive Graph Search. Currently it is available in a very limited beta program. You can officially start using Facebook’s brand new searching facility. Can you opt out? No! There is no opting out. Once […]