How to set different Wallpapers on Dual Monitors in Windows 10

There are many people, for whom a 1920×1080 pixel resolution is not enough, which is pretty much common, nowadays. They then often opt for dual monitor setup or even a multi-monitor setup. However, when you use a dual monitor setup, it is quite difficult to use a single wallpaper on both of the monitors. The main problem occurs when two monitors have two different resolutions. You may not be able to extend a single wallpaper. Windows 10 via its Settings allows you to easily set different wallpaper on different monitors in a dual monitor setup. Let us see how to do it. In case you have more monitors than two monitors, you can also use this procedure to set different wallpapers on different monitors.

Set different Wallpapers on Dual Monitors

Windows 10 comes with pretty good functionalities to manage multiple monitors. Having said that, you need to have two things. First, you need to check which display is set to number one and two. Second, you need wallpapers in different resolutions if you have different monitor sizes.

Set different Wallpapers on Dual Monitors

To perform the first task, via WinX menu, open Settings app, and then open System > Display settings.

Check the box, where it shows the display number. If you want to get the visual numbers, you can press the Identify button. You can also change display numbers.

After that, go to Personalization > Background settings. Here you can find several wallpapers. Make sure that the Picture is selected as Background type. If you click on a particular wallpaper, the same wallpaper will be set as default desktop background on both monitors. However, if you right-click on a particular wallpaper, you will find the different options. The exact options are Set for monitor 1 and Set for monitor 2.

Set the wallpapers according to your preference.

Set different wallpaper on different monitor in dual monitor setup in Windows 10

You can also import wallpapers from third-party websites. In case, you have downloaded a wallpaper and want to set as desktop background, you can press the Browse button, import the wallpaper, right-click on it and select the monitor number.

That’s it!

These Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 10 lets you manage multiple monitors easily.

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