Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 10 lets you manage multiple monitors

With the modern computing power available, Dual Monitor setup is common these days. Whether you are an avid gamer, a programmer or just an enthusiast, you can setup dual monitors to simply get more working space or to play some real high definition content. Windows 10 shows a great compatibility with multiple monitors connected to a PC. But there might be some areas that you particularly want to customize while navigating between these monitors. Hence, comes into the scene Dual Monitor Tools.

Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 10

Dual Monitor Tools is an essential application to have if you happen to use multiple monitors with your computer. It offers a lot of basic and advanced features that are not inbuilt into Windows.

The tool comprises of various different modules that let you configure different aspects of the multiple monitor setup. All of these modules have been discussed as follows.


Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 10

As the name suggests, this module lets you change cursor related settings. You can setup hotkeys to most of the settings available so that you can instantly change them later. Some of the things that this module lets you does it lock the cursor on a screen, move the cursor to next screen or even make the inter-screen movement of cursor sticky. These settings come handy when you don’t want to accidentally move the cursor to another screen while using the scroll bar or the close button. Also, you can control the sticky intensity and set up hotkeys that allow free movement of the cursor between the screens.


This is the most interesting feature offered by the software. You can setup Magic Words, similar to text commands that can perform various operations. While there are a lot of magic words inbuilt into this module, you can also create your own magic words and define custom actions. You can extensively define actions and a lot of customization options are available. The magic word is to be entered in DMT – Launcher. You can easily setup another hotkey to call the launcher itself or you can start the launcher from the system tray.


This module lets you take up a snapshot of your primary screen and then display it on the secondary screen. The tools maintain a snapshot history up till a user defined number. And it can perform some basic resizing and optimization to the snapshots as well. Again, you can setup hotkeys to use the snap feature or you can do it directly from the system tray menu. This feature comes handy when you want a visual on a particular window while you working on some other application.

Wallpaper Change

This module lets you change wallpaper on multiple monitors with pre-defined configurations. You can change wallpapers at some action, or choose a hotkey to change the wallpapers. You will need to define a wallpaper provider and it can be anything from a local disk folder, random shapes, Flickr address or a URL. You can define a few settings like if the image should be stretched over the monitors or if the same image should be displayed on all the monitors.

Swap Screen

There would have been times when you’ve wanted to de-clutter your primary monitor screen. And send all the unimportant applications to the secondary monitor. Well, the ‘Swap Screen’ module can do that for you.

Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 10

This module lets you instantaneously move an active window to the next screen. Other than that, you can minimize/maximize or snap the active window to left or to the right.

As I already mentioned, this is a must have tool for all those who use multiple monitors. This tool not only lets you manage them efficiently but also lets you switch between settings easily.

Click here to download Dual Monitor Tools.

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