How to reserve your Free Upgrade to Windows 10


  1. OK, but I have strange occasion about this. My friend have pirate version of win 7 ultimate and he recieved this upgrade option and I with legal and genuine win 8.1. pro 64 haven’t, but recently had update KB 3035583

  2. Once I have downloaded and reserved my Win 10 upgrade — can I remove the app — or must I stare at it every friggin’ moment until July 29th??

  3. The W10 reservation procedure TWC refers to has not not worked for me (and many others) with a Windows 8.1 Tablet (with all updates and other conditions listed in the MS FAQ) —- nor did the various fixes I have tried, including what I believe may be the latest suggestion involving a Batch File download via DropBox and a Registry edit. So what do I do now? I want the Upgrade Assistant to confirm for certain that my Tablet and software are compatible and I want to reserve my copy so that it will be (I understand) downloaded in stages. How else can I do this, apart from the no-show taskbar icon and upgrade app?

  4. Recently had the update KB3035583 on my Windows 8.1 laptop but still can’t find the ‘Get Windows 10’ window. Clicking on Windows icon open the same apps window nd nthng new :-

  5. But, What about my files & folders, my bookmarks, my desktop icons, ms office & other softwares downloaded on my Win 7 Home Premium, win icon is appearing in my tray, its asking me to reserve this upgrade, I keep my laptop fully updated, do let me know what I need to do before I apply this upgrade ?????

  6. Your files & bookmarks will no be affected due to the upgrade. They will remain as they are Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to back your important files to another location.

  7. Thanks, actually this Win 7 Home Premium came pre-installed with my Dell Laptop, but, over the years, too many files, folders & softwares have taken lot of space on this Laptop, but, will take your advise & take backup of all files on Seagate External Hard Drive of around 2 TB. If anything goes wrong, there is nothing to loose, THANKS A LOT !!!!!

  8. i have reserved for windows 10 three weeks back. i didn’t get the notification for the upgradation. still the window pop up with thank your for reserving windows 10. Those who have reserved after me got the windows 10 upgradation. Can you tell me a solution

  9. recently i try to manually upgrade my windows 8.1 pro through the windows 10 media creation tool with 32 bit. In first step of it’s work was downloading windows 10 has successfully finished after that it says about production key of win 10….. Now i can’t understand about this type of messege…. i haven’t production key … In this situation how can i get the win 10 upgrade. Please help me & suggest the right way….

  10. another question i have. I have just update the windows 7 with service pack 1 but window 10 upgrade white flag didn’t show in my notification bar of the corner of monitor. when it show in my computer…. can you tell me the another process…

  11. I have updated my windows 7 home basic and got windows 10 app button. I have downloaded win 10 with the help of this button and it has been downloaded completely but when i started to install this upgrade it started and got stuck. don’t know why.

  12. i don’t get this kind update icon because i don’t have geniun version of windows 8. then what should i do ?

  13. Don’t worry.

    You can always reserve a free copy of Elementary OS, Bodhi, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu…
    Probably work better, too!

    Relax! They’re free!!!!

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