How to upgrade your Windows 10 to the newer Build


  1. But, What about my files & folders, my bookmarks, my desktop icons, ms office & other softwares downloaded on my Win 7 Home Premium, win icon is appearing on my tray, its asking me to reserve an updated, I keep my laptop updated, do let me know what I need to do before I apply this update ?????

  2. Hello! I have the problem described in this article. My laptop started showing me the message “This build of Windows will expire soon. Your build of Windows will expire on July 15, 2016. If it expires your PC will restart every few hours. Go online for more information.” My Windows Updater however only detected update for the Windows Defender and nothing else and that probably means my Windows in up to date. So what should I do? Should I just install new Windows or..?

  3. I got the pop up that your window is getting expired soon but my laptop is up to date. What do i need to solve it?

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