How to remove Searchguide Level 3 Browser Hijacker

Searchguide Level 3 is a browser hijacker which hijacks your web browser and changes all your settings including the default search engine to without any permission. Being an ad-supported search engine, it brings many sponsored links and unknown advertisements along.

Remove Searchguide Level 3

Searchguide Level 3 is basically a third party search engine provider which gets installed on your PC without your knowledge and once landed, it changes the DNS settings on your PC. It also changes your home page and your default search engine. Such a browser hijacker also termed as a browser redirect virus and is usually pushed by the third-party file sharing sites and are targeted to get direct traffic to the advertisers.

remove Searchguide Level 3

Once installed on a Windows PC, Searchguide usually hijacks all your web browsers, be it Google Chrome, Firefox or even Internet Explorer. While, you can always change your browser settings and reset your browser again, Searchguide keeps coming back again and again.

How gets in your PC or any other browser hijacker comes with free downloads such as some freeware or free videos. When you download a freeware, video or a music file from any malicious website, such hijackers land on your PC and change all your browser settings without your knowledge.

Users usually agree to the terms, without reading them, while downloading and installing the free applications from the web, which further results in such harmful viruses in your PC. Although, these browser hijackers are never dangerously, harmful but it is important to remove them before it makes more damage to your system and files.

How to remove Searchguide.Level3.Com

1] The first thing to do is to remove all unwanted toolbars, applications and suspicious programs from your PC. You can also reset your web browser manually to bring all your settings or can run a Junk File & Registry Cleaner to clean the cluttered files/folders, cookies, cache and invalid registry entries.

Go to the Control Panel, locate and remove the programs related to It may not essentially be with the same name and thus, it is important to remove all unfamiliar and suspicious programs from your Control Panel.

2] Check all your browser extensions, add-ons and toolbars and remove the unwanted ones.

3] Go to your browser settings and click on Manage Search Engines, locate and remove from the list.

Type “about::config” in the address bar is you are using Firefox. Internet Explorer users can change the settings from ‘Search Providers’ tab. You can also reset Firefox,  reset Chrome or reset Internet Explorer to default settings.

4] As a matter of abundant precaution, you may also want to do the following:

  1. Reset your Hosts File
  2. Flush your DNS Cache

5] Run a good Browser Hijacker Removal Tool like AdwCleaner.

Remember that it is very important to beware of deceptive download links and use safe download websites.  The best option is to be careful and not click on the ‘Download Now’ button blindly. Using a good antivirus program is also a way to avoid such hijack attack on your PC.

Additional read: Malware Removal Guide & Tools for Beginners.

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