1. Newcastle Guardian

    What I would like to know is, how to get my user photo to show up on the lock screen at start, like in your photo. This is on a regular desktop PC, not a tablet or whatever. All I get is the background picture and a generic white graphic instead of my user photo. The photo or avatar, icon whatever shows everywhere else.

  2. Mathew Diekhake

    My version of Windows 10 does not have those options from the Sign-in options screen.

  3. FijiSun

    This is odd. I don’t see that option on my W10 Pro or my W10 home machines. Is this author seriously giving recommendations based on W10 enterprise? If so, he needs to understand there are HUGE differences in privacy controls.

  4. Mathew Diekhake

    I thought it might be something along the lines of him using a different version of Windows than I which then made me think I have a bad version. But your comment has made me feel a lot better. Most of this guy’s guides don’t work when I follow them, not just this one. And yet this is a very successful website. It’s all very strange.

  5. I use Windows 10 Anniversary Update Pro version. These screenshots are from there.

  6. Open Settings > Accounts > Create your picture > Browse for one.

  7. Newcastle Guardian

    Had an account picture for ages, and as I said in my original post, it shows up everywhere associated with Microsoft stuff etc. etc., except, for the lock screen.!!!!!! Just a generic head icon (in white) with my account name etc. under it.

  8. The same thing happened to me on my new Dell. Via the settings I mentioned, you can set your user pic on the lock screen manually.

  9. FijiSun

    Use home and pro version 1511 of W10. Less then 20 percent have the anniversary update. If they recently put that switch with 1607 then most users won’t see it. Less then 20 percent of machines are running 1607. MS pretty much stalled the rollout so they can fix the multitude of serious bugs. Seems having insiders do their testing did not pan out. MS better hire those testers back.

  10. Gregoria Grumo

    my new windows 10 home laptop doesn’t show that option to hide email. there is only change the password option. i did not know that when i setup cortana it will change my password and add a PIN. i have since deleted the PIN but can’t hide the email in login.
    please help.

  11. Michael Stephen

    Hi – I have done what you say – toggled the switch to “off” but my email address still shows…

  12. Oudi R33

    what i have to do if the name showing in the lock screen change into my full email address !!! i didn’t know how to fix it and bring the original name!!

  13. Bella

    Hello – I have done exactly as you recommended above to remove my son’s gmail address from my Windows 10 login screen (requiring his password). Sadly, it hasn’t fixed the problem. Do you have any other suggestions?

  14. MeneerWitte

    And how to delete the password from Windows 10 itself?

  15. Bob

    this fix does not work if the email showing is the mandatory email and account needed to set up windows 10. I changed toggle to off and nothing!!!

  16. Hani

    It doesn’t show the privacy option on my computer

  17. Macri RENUNCIÁ

    you can delete account with email adress without password….. stupid thread .

  18. A Kemp

    In my settings the Privacy setting is off, but the mail adress is still on the screen.
    Windows version 1803

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