Double Driver: Freeware to backup & restore Drivers in Windows 10


  1. did anyone else catch the language being used for double driver? It’s supposed to be free, right? But “it offers you the chance to update to the latest driver” meaning it will notify you of what needs updating but won’t actually update unless you pay.

    Companies that use trickery & deceit are best to keep away from. Anyone who condones and/or suggests these products is not acting in your best interest.

    I guess this pretty much sums up Microsoft all together. Trickery & Deceit should be their motto.

  2. Honesty has been a rare commodity for many, many, many years. No such
    thing any more. Hell, even our government can’t be trusted. Honesty in
    our mainstream news media is a joke! In other words, I totally agree
    with the above TRUTHFUL statement. Companies have absolutely NO shame in
    their dealings with customers.

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