Free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

Device Drivers in Windows 10 make sure all the connected hardware work fine when used by the operating system. While Windows 10 offers Device Manager to locate and list all the device driver details, it’s too cumbersome and time taking. In this post, we have listed some free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10/8/7.

Software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

This list of software to list installed Drivers is entirely free so that you can choose any of them. I would suggest to read about each of them and use what works best for you.

  1. ServiWin
  2. DriverView
  3. DriverStoreExplorer
  4. NirSoft InstalledDriversList
  5. PowerShell method
  6. DevCon command-line tool
  7. Driverquery command

If you need to do it often, make sure to save the list of drivers. In the future, if you need to find which driver has been updated or recently installed, it will be easy to find, especially the driver version number.

1] ServiWin

Free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

If you are looking for software which can not only make a list of all the drivers, but also quickly stop, start, restart, pause, and more, then ServiWin is what you need. The list of drivers can be saved as an HTML report of installed services/drivers in your default browser.

2] DriverView

DriverView List Drivers Windows 10 Nirsoft

DriverView is a free software from NirSoft, which displays a list of all device drivers available on Windows. You can view information like address of the driver, description, version, product name, company that created the driver, and more.

3] DriverStoreExplorer

Software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

This one tops our list of software because of its user interface, which is well done. Not only it lists the drivers on Windows 10, but it can also load drives from a folder that contains drives. The later is also called an offline driver store, which comes in handy to analyze drivers before they are installed.

Using this can add drivers to your offline store, and use it elsewhere. When it comes to exporting, it can export the list in CSV with grouping and sorting. While in the software, you can rearrange columns, so post exporting, you can view the columns you require first. You can download it from Github

4] NirSoft InstalledDriversList

Nirsoft has a lot of software for drivers, but this comes with much better features when it comes to exporting the list of drivers. You can export Driver Name, Display Name, Description, Startup Type, Driver type, Driver Group, Filename, Version, and more.

Nirsoft installed drivers list

The icons next to the driver names tell you the status; you can open registry entries directly from here, and sort the list using secondary sorting support as well. You can download it from NirSoft

5] PowerShell method to get driver list

PowerShell is an incredible part of Windows, which comes with a lot of commands. One such command is Get-WindowsDriver. It can create a list of installed drivers for you. The details include Class Name, Boot Critical status, and more. You can use PowerShell to get the drivers list.

6] DevCon command-line tool

Devcon Command List

DevCon is a free command-line utility that not only can list drivers but also lets you manage them.  You can get a brief list of all names, search for any hardware changes, find devices even if they are not currently online, and so on.

7] Driverquery command


Driverquery is an in-built command line, too, which list of drivers installed on the system. It will show the module name of the driver, along with the display name, driver type, and link date.

We hope this list offered you a lot of options to export a list of drivers installed on Windows 10 PC. Make sure to export the drivers it in a place where you don’t lose it.  Most of the software are standalone tools.

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