Fix: Microsoft Word has stopped working

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Hejje

    Amazing! Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Hejje

    Amazing! Thanks!! 🙂

  3. Hejje

    Amazing! Thanks!! 🙂

  4. Herd

    Brilliant!! I’ve been looking for this fix for days!

  5. Martin Seccombe

    This article is a real practical help. Many thanks. It seems that this is a common problem and this article needs to be readily available to help others who are frustrated as I have been….!

  6. Bin Yousif

    Gr8 solution … works for me perfectly.. Big Thanks

  7. Aap ka Dost

    The Fix is working.

  8. mahesh pujari

    Great Tip, it worked for me.
    I had tried from reinstallations to latest path updates, nothing worked.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Verso67

    Great!! Worked for me..
    ASUS N55S W7 HP x64 Office x64 Pro Plus

  10. Anonymous

    Having had problems with Outlook 2010 then Word 2010 crashing the next day I thought I was never going to get my new laptop built and up and running. Thanks guys brilliant easy directions and bang on the button- excellent.

  11. WiWi Naka

    Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot. 😀

  12. TC

    Thank you sooooo much! This was driving me insane!

  13. Kedigotu

    Allah raz? olsun bro. Çok te?ekkür ederim eme?ine sa?l?k

  14. Derek

    whoa! thanks a million!!

  15. Paddy

    great article, many thanks.

  16. Paddy

    great article, many thanks.

  17. Ali

    Thank you so much to the author of this article…

  18. Lilla Rasztik


  19. Justposting

    Thank you… it was driving me insane..

  20. Eliza

    Many many thanks for clear and easy to follow instructions that provide a solution to an extremely frustrating problem.

  21. Adryannegorden

    i dont have this problem. When I start word it start and after like 3 seconds it says WINWORD.EXE has stopped working an it just closes. and yes this is the 2010. version any help?

  22. Tm


    I REALLY Appreciate it dude i’ve surfed everywhere and couldnt find a solution

  23. Majdi O

    Been suffering from this issue for a while, disabling the same Add-in fixed the problem.

    Thanks much 🙂

  24. Jim_titmuss

    Simple to follow instructions that fixed my problem.
    Now to get ms to fix blue-tooth add-in

  25. Carlos Vila

    A lot of thenks!!!!!!

  26. Guest

    THANK U !!! what an anooying problem finally fixed. What a dum idea Microsoft did, to add addons to word!

  27. Negril19th

    fantastic! Thanks soooo much!!!!

  28. Wyndham

    Me too. Many, many thanks.

  29. Elikagumba

    Hello you are my hero it just worked. Thank you

  30. Jocot


  31. Robert Denk

    I tried this fix and it skipped through safe mode but fixed the issue Thank You Robert Denkewalter Rob @ Hrpayroll,com and again this is a sincere Thank You

  32. Yeebhaam1990

    Glad that i found this solution…i was afraid i had uninstall the software and go through other sorts of problem but luckily i found your post and it fixed it.
    Thank you so much!!!

  33. Guddi_18

    Excellent.. Thanks a lot it worked..

  34. Doug

    awesome! saved me a lot of hours of work!

  35. workablob

    Worked a treat. Thanks

  36. Abraão Zaidan Chaddad

    Thank you! It really works.

  37. usman vaseer

    perfect. it worked for me. many thanks

  38. Geoff

    Great – Thanks a bundle

  39. Happy Word-ster !

    Worked for me … unlike anything else I tried … like all the “official” microsoft solutions … or even repair … or reinstall … but turning off bluetooth did the trick … has plagued me for six months … had to use a lot of rtf as a workaround … but now I can use Word once again!!!

  40. Wlc

    I had excatly the same problem but didn’t have “send to Bluetooth” among my various add-ins.
    Working from the bottom of the list up, I disabled the first “Zeon Word Add-in” whatever that is, or does, and now MS Word starts first time.
    Many thanks for your advice.

  41. Ranjit Raut

    Dear Anand,
    Thanks a ton man !
    You really solved my issue….

  42. Aussie_sunshine

    when i type in winword.exe to my start search it comes up with nothing. . what should i do?

  43. dale

    Thanky ou 1000 times over

  44. canadamac

    Thank you so much, this was annoying me to no end. I haven’t had any problems with it but Word was taking soooo long to load that add-in, I am glad to be rid of it!

  45. Tyler Zeck

    Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve been struggling with this problem for hours. I’m glad someone had it figured out!

  46. Slippery Pete

    I get no results when I type “winword.exe /a” into the search. What do I do?

  47. Prb3cristhian

    gracias gracias un millon de gracias, casi me doy por vencido

  48. Tiagu Chilappan

    when i type winword.exe /a in my Windows 7 start search and hit Enter, the microsoft office word open by itself…i didt see the safe mode dialog box appear…

  49. Lee

    At last and end to my frustration. Thank you very much.

  50. Jadjkd

    Wow! Thanks a lot!

  51. noeliano

    great help , u r the best and life saver . the best help I got ever thank you so much and god bless you 🙂

  52. Dirish

    You are a life saver!!!! I was ready to smash my new laptop and knew it was a conflict. Thank you for posting this fix!!!

  53. Ina

    It helped me too! So simple and caused me so much trouble for months…Microsoft should remove this stupid send to bluetooth add on – it shouldn’t be there at all!

  54. Naveed Kashan

    Thanks buddy, it works

  55. Abhee

    worked for me thank you ! ))

  56. Yogjawalkar1990

    Thanks it works well

  57. Frank_frank

    Perfect. Thanls

  58. Linges

    Superb, it works for me… thanks a lot

  59. Thomassand

    WOW, thanks…. this have been bugging me for ages…

    Many thanks

  60. Ny7254

    I am getting the “Microsoft Office Word Has Stopped Working” message. I tried the steps above to correct the problem. However, in Add Ins, the active application I show is – Person Name (Outlook Email Recipients) Under Location is – C:…esmicrosoft sharedSmart TagFNAME.DLL and under Type is – Smart Tag.

    When I click manage add ins, the above file is not there. There is nothing showing to uncheck.

    I hope someone gets back to me. This is driving up a wall. My email is –
    Thank you.

  61. Indika Wijesooriya

    Thank you very much 🙂 This worked for me 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

  62. Dexxe Nj

    It worked. Thank you very much. MS Office 2013

  63. Yogesh Agrawal

    Thank you man..!!! it helped me 🙂

  64. MF

    Perfect, thank you

  65. itswoots

    I am running Windows 7 with Office 2000. I get a “stopped working” message whenever I get out of a document and only when I get out. Otherwise WORD works fine. I tried your solution above but the safe mode doe not appear. How do I get rid of this annoying warning?

  66. mattapo

    Thank you! – This was driving me mad! – You explained how to fix it perfectly. Cheers

  67. Saud

    Thank you so much

  68. MatthewS

    Thank you!

  69. yogendra kumar

    Microsoft Office Word has Stopped Working

  70. yogendra kumar

    XP window 7

  71. vanster123

    Guys — I have been having this problem for over 1 year… new Dell XPS
    15 laptop… WIndows 7…. I finally figured it out, and have to share
    it with you guys:

    1) Word crashes ALL the time– about 80 – 90%, when opening / closing documents, and when opening / closing Word.
    “Word has stopped working…”

    The COPY command copies a black blob oval when you try to PASTE. I
    installed CLIPX to see what was in the clipboard, and it showed the
    black blob oval AND a Bluetooth symbol

    What was the problem?

    Intel Bluetooth drivers

    I installed the Intel Bluetooth drivers using:

    1) Control Panel – Device Manager
    2) Control Panel > Programs & Features > Uninstall
    3) REGEDIT > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > software > microsoft > office > word > addins
    and got rid of the btmoffice.connect stuff….

    SO FAR NO MORE CRASHES and NO MORE COPYING strange characters!!!

  72. omid

    Tank u .. Great !!

  73. Bert Leen

    Many of reason responsible for Microsoft window corruption don’t worry you have try any windows data recovery software like Kernel for windows data recovery software to repair and recover corrupted windows partitions and resolve log, booting error as well. For more details visit here :

  74. Samany

    perfect Thank you very much 🙂

  75. Dabu

    wonderful solution! solved a huge issue! thx!!

  76. Lao

    Thank you! Amazing, Saved me from trouble….Thanks again. Blessings

  77. Sophie

    Thank you!

  78. Ganesan

    Thank you. Its working now.

  79. Mark S

    As a note–I had a problem with Word 2003 corrupting the clipboard when it opened. Diabling the Bluetooth add-in fixed it for me too.

  80. Deep End Fishing

    Have had the annoying ‘Windows has stopped working” messages ever since I downloaded it. It is so frustrating as it happens every time I try & use Word. Just tried you’re amazing tip “winword.exe /a” THANK YOU!

  81. Algimantas

    Helped!! Thank you a lot! That was a really stupid isue, but thanks again 🙂

  82. Andrew

    Thank you very much – this solved my problem!

  83. Natalia

    Did not work for me. There is no Bluetooth option in my window

  84. Girish

    Thanks HappyAndy, turned out to be an Happy Ending to me as MS Word 2010 now works great with this fix, not sure how you identified this to be a “send to Bluetooth” is the troublemaker!

  85. Angry

    I’ve disabled all add-ins; I didn’t have a bluetooth add-in. The only way MS Word Professional 2013 stays open without error or crashing is in safe mode, and launching with winword.exe /a.

    When it was launched with winword.exe /a everything was fine. But, I don’t want to have to open Word like this every time I use it.

    Is anyone aware of any other solutions??? (This is why I prefer WordPerfect over Word. Word SUCKS!!!

  86. Omarr

    Thank you so much.

  87. mostafa hadian

    thanks allot…!

  88. Brian M.

    My “at fault” was ABBYY fine reader 9.0. As they say in the movies|: “You sir are a steely-eyed missile man!” My undying gratitude!!

  89. Ata

    Thanks , work for me

  90. Rosie

    This has been so helpful! I have literally been going spare for weeks with all the trouble using the Word Online application has caused. Thanks so much!

  91. saeed

    thanks alot!

  92. masoud

    thanks its good

  93. mas

    Amazing! Thanks!!

  94. Nicholas Clarke

    you can try to perform a quick repair the existing office installation.

    I don’t recommend an online installation as it may reset the activation settings.

    for more understanding, I hope the below link should be useful for you.

  95. Rajaram Hamsini K. Sarma

    Thank you works perfectly !!!

  96. John Park

    I would like to suggest the user, do not put the R & D on your data. Kernel Recovery for Word tool which available in a demo version, you can repair your data and also see the preview of
    recover data in demo version.

  97. Hassan Hussein


  98. Joey

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciation and easy to follow.

  99. a

    Did the trick!! Thanks I was about to go crazy!

  100. Star

    Thank you so! so! much!

  101. chuck

    you are a genius!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you

  102. Rudy

    Worked wonderfully! Micrsoft XL gives the same message. Do you know know the code for that one?

  103. Open Run box, type ‘excel.exe /a’ and hit Enter.

  104. Doug

    Thank You! Very helpful!

  105. osman

    thanks , this article is a real practical help,

  106. I was having the same problem with my Word 2010 crashing on Windows 8.1
    and was frustrated by all the tips and suggestions that did not work. By
    sheer luck, I stumbled on the answer. The problem stems from the Word
    save settings set to backup to One Drive by default. The minute I
    changed that (File, Options, Save) to a directory on my hard drive, the
    problem ended.

  107. Grazie

    Thank you! This worked. 🙂

  108. Osbert Mwijukye

    Thank ts worked

  109. Jayne

    The ‘Send to Bluetooth’ add-in was the culprit for me too! Thanks for the tip, I’ve been putting up with this annoyance for ages and getting increasingly frustrated with my laptop, so thanks very much…and sorry laptop… 😀 !!

  110. Debra Lamb

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing.
    Do you have any suggestions for excel – same problem but no add-ins were active

  111. Will post about this, this weekend. 🙂

  112. Richard Washington

    I have done all the said fixes/solutions and still receive this error, this error appears when our user tries to do an copy and paste to excel, and when downloading from G-mail (docs) the error appears also.

  113. RDF

    Gratz!! awesome worked!

  114. Frank Asseko

    thank you so much. it worked for me. i was looking so desperate. i am so grateful to internet and its network.

  115. Amanda

    THANK YOU!! This was driving me crazy, I tried repairs and everything.

  116. Rick Petford

    Thanks so much – I couldn’t see how to start Word up in Safe Mode, but followed the rest of the instructions and it worked like a charm!

  117. joe

    my 2007 word document does not work properly, when I go to update a document it jams and does not work, i will have to end task

  118. Yi Hiini

    hello everyone,
    i currently have a word undo disable problem. i mean my word 2013 undo function doesn’t work. i have tried to find a solution from google. but seems none works. can anyone help please. much appreciated.

  119. nurul izzati

    when i click on my powerpoint file, it does not respond anything. why?

  120. shikha

    nice blog……thannkyou ANAND

  121. Abdullah Shaaban

    Thank you!

  122. KagehinaTrash


  123. Julie

    Great Big Thankyou Anand. Once the “Send To Bluetooth” file was removed I was immediately able to start using WORD 2016 after updating from WORD 2017. Tried numerous repairs and re-installs over the last few days, tearing my hair out why it wasn’t was working. Happy days now !

  124. unknown

    This Doesn’t work i get the same problem when i open up on safe mode and i repaired it Can anyone help?

  125. Annie

    how do you get to winword.exe /a

  126. Raghu

    In Start Search, type Run. The Run box will open. Type winword.exe /a in it and hit Enter.

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