How to Repair Office & Uninstall individual Microsoft Office programs


  1. The winword /r command worked beautifully. Highly recommend, as all other troubleshooting methods did not work for me. Thanks a lot.

  2. I bought a new computer with a trial version of Word 2010. I uninstalled Word 2010 and installed Word 2007. My version of Word 2007 doesn’t check for serial number, so I can install it on my 4 computers. I can prepare a document in Word 2007, but everytime I try to save it, Microsoft asks for my registration serial number for Word 2010. Is there a way to remove this check and just use Word 2007?

  3. Recovery Toolbox for Word – demo versions that are available online will only helps you to evaluate the performance of the software, it wont provide the solution to recover the file. Have a look at this resource article to recover your corrupt doc file.

  4. i have some bug in Outlook 2013 that makes content and menus disappear, text shifts around, it’s definitely not a virus, I think it occurred when I installed the free version of Business Contact Manager, there is a temporary fix by disabling hardware graphics acceleration in the Advanced Options menu in Outlook, but if you keep Outlook open for a long time, the disappearing act will occur again. So the last resort is to uninstall Office 2013 and reinstall it, but I am concerned with keeping all of the Outlook folders, profiles, account, whitelist spam filter, signatures in tact. I assume if I uninstall and reinstall, I will need to manually set everything up again in Outlook?

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