FileSearchy: Alternative Search program for Windows 8 / 7

If you find it difficult to locate your files on your own system just because you have got lots of stuff on your drive, then FileSearchy is the right software for you. FileSearchy is a powerful, easy to use utility that really helps you to locate your file easily. Just use FileSearcy and make use of different methods to locate the files you are looking for. This alternative Search program also allows searching by content string, date and size

Alternative Search program for Windows

FileSearchy is a convenient tool that works very effectively. You can search by a particular file name or your chosen criteria, and once it matches, it is shown on the main window with name, path, size, data modified and type information.

The process of installation is very easy and doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge. All you need to do is to download the freeware software from the Internet and start using it. Steps that involve installing the software are as follows:

  • As soon as you run the setup file after downloading the software you are asked to select the language in which you want to use the application in order to search your files.
  • The next step is to agree the license agreement and give the path where you want your software to get installed.
  • Now just click ‘Install’ button to finally install your software on your system.

How FileSearchy search your files

Search your files

1. In FileSearchy software you can search your files and folder in a different location. Also, you can specify the directory where you want to search the files and folder.

Search your files

2. Even if you want, you can specify the date between which your file was modified as well as the size range of the file.

 Search your files

3. By clicking on ‘Show advanced options’ you can select the expression type and case sensitivity. There are three types of expression type among which you can choose any one of them. These are ‘Substring’, ‘Whole Word’ and ‘Regular Expression’.

Features of FileSearchy:

  • Quickly find files by file name: Since FileSearchy maintains a small, lightweight database of file names it is very fast in performing searching operation.
  • Tabbed User Interface: FileSearcy has tabbed user interface which means you can make several searches at a single time and compare the result also.
  • Text Highlighting: Strings that are found in name and content are highlighted which make it easy for you to gather the information quickly.
  • File Content Search: With the help of file content search you can search through a plain text file, PDF file, Word File and other documents.
  • Advanced Queries: Now you can search the file using full names, substring, word, regular expression. You can search multiple string at a single time.
  • Explorer Integration: You can search in Explorer and other compatible application using the folder context menu.
  • History of Searched Strings: In FileSearchy the history of the searched strings is captured so that you can look after it in the future.

FileSearchy download

FileSearchy is available in two editions on the Internet. The first one is Pro edition for which you need to pay. The other one is a free edition of the software which you can download from here. This freeware will definitely save lots of time and effort and that’s how it increases your work efficiency also.

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  1. fdemom

    is this better than the searching software called ‘everything’?

  2. Ankit Gupta

    “Everything” is not bad at all. However with Filesearchy you can search using different techniques as mentioned in the writeup.

  3. StefanS

    My personal opinion is that Lookeen is the best one. It is an interesting tool cause it combines an Outlook and Windows Search.

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