How to enable old Windows 7 Clock, Calendar in Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft has included tons of new features and improved the looks of some old features in Windows 10. The clock and Calendar pane that appears when you click on the Date and Time on the Taskbar is also changed in terms of options and appearance. Although, this new look of that clock and calendar is perfect for Windows 10, yet, if you want to change it like Windows 7/8, here is a trick.

NOTE: It seems that this does not work in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition v 1607 and later.

Enable old classic Windows 7 Clock, Calendar in Windows 10

This simple Registry tweak will let you enable the old classic Windows 8.1/7 like Clock and Calendar in Windows 10 so that you can use it, as you had been using it in older version of Windows.

Enable Windows 7 Like Clock, Calendar in Windows 10 Taskbar

This is very simple and not much time consuming. You do not have to install yet another third party software since Registry Editor is an in-built tool of Windows. Therefore, to get started, open your Registry Editor.

To open Registry Editor, press Win + R, type regedit and hit Enter. You will have to select YES on the UAC popup window.

Before editing the Registry, donโ€™t forget to create a backup of your Registry files.

After opening Registry Editor, navigate to the following key:


Click on the Immersiveshell folder on your left hand side. Following that, create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value in your right hand side.

To create a new DWORD Value, right-click on the empty space of your right hand side, select new and click on DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Enable Windows 7 Like Clock, Calendar in Windows 10 Taskbar - 1

Name it UseWin32TrayClockExperience. By default, the value would be 0. You have to set the value to 1. To change the value, double-click on UseWin32TrayClockExperience and enter 1 before saving your change.

Enable Windows 7 Like Clock, Calendar in Windows 10 Taskbar - 2

Right after setting up the value to 1, your new Windows 10 Clock and Calendar will be changed to Windows 7 style Clock and Calendar.

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  1. Noel

    Yeah, No point moving with the times. In fact, if you are going to do this, why bother with Windows 10 at all. Stick with Windows 8

  2. Randy Littleson

    Just upgraded to Windows 10 and I’m not getting the calendar/clock at all when clicking on the time in the taskbar. This regedit makes it so I can get the old style, but setting the value to 0 or not having it at all shows nothing when I click. Any suggestions?

  3. TH007

    the new windows 10 clock and calendar is hard to move around and it block the whole screen.

  4. Michael Bridgers

    I have the exact same symptoms on my recently upgraded Windows 10 computer. Couldn’t get the calendar/clock to appear when clicking on the time in the taskbar, but adding this registry entry does allow me to see the older style calendar/clock. Setting this registry value to “0” takes me right back to it not working again. I’ve seen other posts for this same problem online, but not solutions..

  5. David

    Thanks. This worked great for me. Clicking on the new Windows 10 clock wasn’t doing anything for me. Now I have the old Windows 7 calendar and clock.

  6. terrorblade

    How exactly is the new clock design “moving forward”? It adds nothing new and takes up more space than what’s necessary
    The old clock tray had all the information this “new and improved” one has, and it featured an analog clock in addition to everything else. It also took less space…

    This is moving backwards, not forward

  7. terrorblade

    I like the functional changes in windows 10 but the design changes seriously make me question Microsoft. Dumbing everything down and making elements bigger just for the sake of change is plain stupid

    The only good app design change they’ve made recently is windows explorer. They made it more functional and accessible without making elements bigger. Why not do the same with everything else

  8. Defender

    Thanks for this,
    I would like the clock and calendar like Windows XP.
    It was in a window, you could leave it on the screen, move it around, and had the open close icons.
    Is there a way to get the Windows XP Calendar?
    Thanks again.

  9. pilsnermonkey

    As a stock trader on Windows platform I’m missing my floating clock. I need to synch with online trading programs. We do (DID) so by ALWAYS having the floating clock running to compare. If we are out of synch by more than a couple seconds we don’t trade. Gee thanks. Now what Microsoft?

  10. Sobin

    Excellent job dude

  11. embig

    I don’t mind the new clock, but I would prefer an analog clock option.

  12. Brett Wallace

    Thank you so much, my brother in technologika! My taskbar calendar was non-existent after installing Windows 10. I would simply get the error “bong” sound & no calendar display. After searching several of the “official” Microsoft sites, forums, techs, etc with ridiculous amounts of useless steps, I find your simple to follow instructions & lo & behold, I have a taskbar calendar again! Thank you again a hundred times.

  13. sd

    It does not work

  14. Joan

    Thank you so much! This helped me tremendously. <3

  15. Clyde Barrow

    Excellent guidance and thank you. It worked perfectly and now I can see my date and time because I used this option all the time.

  16. Clyde Barrow

    Exactly. These IT “experts” don’t think what the customer wants before implementing changes. They think because it is “new”, it must be good. Well, not all changes are necessary or good. Something do NOT need to be changed. These folks need to ask the customer first before implementing changes.

  17. Clyde Barrow

    Following the guidance above and it is very easy. The value can be changed to 1 so you will have the old time / date available to view as with WIN 8.

  18. Nikola Simic

    Because Windows 10 clock is effing useless taking half of the screen.

  19. Julia Hsu

    Thank you so much. It works beautifully back to neat version.

  20. Thanks. For some reason, the Win10 calendar refused to pop up from the clock but this worked fine.

  21. Kathleen

    It didn’t work for me. I went over each step exactly numerous times and I still have the old Windows 10 digital clock

  22. Kathleen

    I got it!!!!!!!!!!! I had a space between Clock and Experience! Thank you so much! I hated that new clock! Please notice my mistake, if you are having trouble, you may have left a space like I did.

  23. Rob

    Thanks for the instructions; very much appreciated.

  24. OhioMike45

    Thank you, it worked like a charm. Couldn’t stand that Win10 calendar/clock.

  25. Harry Robberts

    Thanks Sudip. Your fix worked well. Keep up the good work and advice. The new Windows 10 clock is breathtakingly ill thought, because the arrows to click to previous and future months point vertically. Very confusing. Which way is previous and which way is the future? Up or down? The old one is quite clear. Left is for previous months right is for future.

  26. john smith

    It loses the analog clock, which is ridiculous. Why would you remove that? At least provide an option for users to select digital/analog.

  27. Nikolain

    Thank you, missed my analog clock.

  28. Perfect. I didn’t even get the new calendar feature when Windows 10 forced itself on my computer. Thanks.

  29. s nO

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKY OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Anixx

    Also the new one does not use ClearType.

  31. David J

    This puts two analog clocks on the screen, a larger untitled clock and a smaller clock titled clock1 !
    What gives ?

  32. David J

    This produces 2 analog clocks, and larger one untitled, and smaller one titled Clock 1. What gives ?

  33. Natalya Lebedeva

    Big thanks. Now my calendar is working in my Win 10. You are a genius!!!

  34. Sheehan Cein

    THis one is NOT WORKING in windows 10 build 14372, i think this functionality will be removed in Windows 10 ANniversary Update

  35. Jussi Palo

    True, not working on Anniversary RTM ๐Ÿ™

  36. Sheehan Cein

    Should try to find a 3rd party windows clock alternative tho… ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. ChiRon8

    This no longer works for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, which is a POS by the way. Stay away from the Anniversary edition!

  38. Uzumaki Nagato

    Damn, the clock one doesn’t work anymore.
    I can’t find one that does.

  39. Rosa Krause

    Hey Sudip, thanks for the tip, it works awesomely.

  40. Sudip

    You are welcome. It feels good when someone gets help from our guides.



  43. To hide the clock in Windows 10, open Settings > Systems > Notifications and actions > Turn system icons on or off > Toggle switch for Clock to Off position.


  45. Eskil Jonsson

    I hate not having an analogue clock available… It’s so much easier to estimate times quickly from analog.

  46. FreeUkraine

    question is how do we get the files and regentries from th2 over to anniversary update? which files do we need to move over ?

  47. Kimberly

    This didn’t work on build 1607. I hate the new calendar! Want the old style back. I had a couple of different time zones set up in the clock display and now they’re gone ๐Ÿ™

  48. futhark

    I was relieved and felt proud of myself when I restored my analog clock after first having “upgraded” to Windows 10. Last night Windows sneaked their “anniversary upgrade” in as an update without notice and I’m stuck with their monstrous and ugly clock and calendar. What are the people at Microsoft thinking? Making the world a little uglier one “upgrade” at a time!

  49. Ianuarius

    Doesn’t work anymore.

  50. Elena

    I, too, hate the Win10 new calendar, color scheme, file copying dialog window, to be continued. Looks like Win10 wants to be counterproductive all over the world. The last acceptable version was WinXP…

  51. jc8952

    I tried this and it worked, then yesterday Windows installed updates (which took nearly two hours) and after that the digital clock was back. I tried these changes but my old analog clock does not come back. This registry change did not change my clock back. HELP! I hate this new clock.

  52. Elena

    Exactly so, they took away 2 hours of my life only to mangle my system.

  53. It seems that this does not work in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition v 1607 and later.”

  54. jc8952

    I used the ‘restore’ feature and went back to the previous build of Windows. The 1607 edition had some other useless junk added in too that was just clutter and slowed things down.

  55. Didn’t work for me ๐Ÿ™

  56. Vettewine

    Do you have a work-around for adding an analog clock to the tray/taskbar…? I lost mine with the latest “very large” Windows 10 update last week…?

  57. VaricoseVain

    News flash: Digital alarm clocks first showed DECADES before the first version of Windows. I’m pretty sure that if you think reverting back to an analog clock from a digital one in 2016 somehow means you’re rejecting the future, you’re about 50 years too late.

  58. Barry Rodgers

    Unfortunately, it didn’t work in the WX anniversary update. Had it set before and now, it doesn’t make any difference.

  59. James Loong

    dang. i use the clock face to estimate my schedules better. doesn’t work on the anniversary edition.

  60. A Box

    This does not work anymore

  61. Charly

    This registry hack doesn’t work with the anniversary editions.

  62. Andrew Knox

    this regedit does not work

  63. It is mentioned right after the first para – “It seems that this does not work in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition v 1607 and later”.

  64. StormCommando

    Being dyslexic, I find analog clocks much more direct and easy to make sense of. I have to mentally visualise the time with a digital clock, whereas with an analog there is already a space which facilitates visualisation. Annoying that Windows 10 just removes this very useful feature.

  65. Looks like it doesn’t work anymore ;

  66. TG2

    Yeah, that’s right … if Noel thinks its great, everyone else has to be wrong.

    As to the “why bother” because its pretty much a forced upgrade, you either do it, or you loose OS support, updates, and everything else. Sure we didn’t have to upgrade but then what? 6 years down the road you’d be complaining that we’re all idiots for staying with such an antiquated Windows. Get a grip Noel, stop thinking you’re gods greatest gift to mankind, you aren’t.

    And this registry tweak didn’t work on the creators update, at least not for me.

    I miss having *three* analog clocks down there when I click .. UTC, Eastern, and Brasilia, every once in a while having to replace Brasilia with Nepali or India Standard if that’s where support calls are coming from that week. You think calling into Tech Support and getting India is bad, try it the other way round. Nice people, but sometimes they just don’t get why ping adds 200+ latency to most of the US destinations ๐Ÿ™

  67. Raizo
    if it’s not working because of the new win update then use this ๐Ÿ˜‰ The solution if it’s because of the analog clock ๐Ÿ˜€

  68. EAllen

    It is not working for me. UseActionCenter…. Registery key is missing. Can you type in the full name of the key?

  69. Didn’t work for me. I followed the recipe. ๐Ÿ™

  70. Still didn’t work for me. ๐Ÿ™

  71. Krajรกnek

    Not worked. I still have digital clock.

  72. anthony

    Windows 10 are getting more and more not user friendly. Instead of improving, it seem to getting more worst.

  73. Carl Sciberras

    wow, how stupid…

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