What is Email encryption & how do you encrypt email messages


  1. That is the problem with mail encryption both the sender and the receiver need to have the encryption key(s). I would like to see someone come up with a mail encryption software that will only encrypt the mail while it is in transit. After all that is all you need it for.

  2. All my mail is encrypted in transit. If you use Outlook (web version) or Gmail, that’s also encrypted end to end via SSL/TLS. But sometimes you want to encrypt email between 2 users. That’s when you need both parties to have the public keys.

  3. I still use PGP (Symantec Encryption Desktop) when needed, but I think it’s time that all ISPs and providers supplied proper encryption. If you’re a WHM/cPanel user, Comodo SSL Certs now come free as standard so that every website you host is protected with SSL and your email/FTP is protected too via SSL/TLS and it’s a welcomed addition, as all sites and email should now be encrypted.

  4. StartMail offers easy one-click PGP encryption that works even if your correspondent doesn’t have a StartMail account. There’s also Q&A encryption for writing encrypted mail to someone who doesn’t have PGP. The correspondent doesn’t have to have a StartMail account–and can even respond encrypted!

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