Delete Windows Search History or re-create deleted Searches folder

Windows Search in Windows 10/8/7 is far improved and it lets you locate your files, folders instantly. When we search, our searches are saved in a folder, so that the next time we search for the same thing, the results appear even faster. This file of Saved Searched in the Searches folder.

windows search history folder

The Searches folder finds good use when:

  • You don’t know where a file or folder is located.
  • You want the search results to include files from more than one folder, such as Pictures and Music.
  • You want to search by using more than a single file name or file property.

The Searches folder is used to save your Explorer searches. The folder can be found at the following location:


When it is of no use, the user account specific searches folder can be deleted. However, deleting the contents of the searches folder will delete any saved search on the computer.

Read: How to Save A Search in Windows.

Delete Windows Search History

To maintain privacy, if you wish to delete Windows Search History, you may navigate to this folder and simply delete the Saved Searched file for your username.

Re-create deleted Searches Folder

If you delete your Searches Folder in Windows 10, Windows 8/7 or Windows Vista, in your User Account, and would like to restore it back along with the shortcut searches it had, do the following: Configure another search in the Advanced Search Options and then Save the search.

Save Search option

You may be thus able to re-create this folder.

Do note that the folders in the Searches Folder are Virtual, and as such do not take up any space on the hard drive.

Right-clicking on them show the size of the actual file and the path to that file.

That’s it!

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  1. Heng Seng Lim

    Hope someone can help. I deleted the searches as suggested in this article. My problem is that when I search via from some file extension say *.txt, I noticed that some of my previously deleted files (for eg testfile.txt) still shows up in the search. When I try to delete the file, I was prompted “Could not find this item”.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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