Windows Desktop Search Tips, Tricks, Advanced Query Syntax for Windows 10


  1. Microsoft has hidden reference info well for this, I have been looking for years. Perhaps if we ask nicely the author will tell us where he got his tables? Or did he make them up all himself? Thanks.

  2. It just a rehash of an incomplete list from MS’s web site. It’s all cut and paste. The person asting obviously knows nothing aboutthe tpic.

  3. great list of tabels but are there how can I search file content with the instant search ? In my opinion the instant search costs a lot of time wherefore I use Lookeen. It’s in any way faster than the instant search and easier to operate. You can find some information on

    Addition: I work for the vendor of Lookeen.

  4. great list but I found it already on a microsoft site. In my opinion a hidden trick is third party software like Everything or Lookeen (interesting fact: it combines an outlook search with the windows search)

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