ConfigFox: Easily configure and tweak Firefox about:config settings


  1. Lavish
    A few years ago I set the colour on HTTPS sites in the address bar to yellow and this allowed me to see at a glance whether I was on a secure site or not. HTTP sites showed a standard and HTTPS as yellow. This was a very handy tweak in firefox but times have moved on and I have lost the instructions needed to set this on new PC’s. I have searched About:config as well as a search on the net but cannot find the setting I need. Do you have any idea?

  2. When I try to open the deafult Firefox profile with this, it gives an error message telling me the user.js file found there wasn’t created by ConfigFox (well of course it wasn’t – Firefox created it). It goes on to recommend I move the existing one from there so ConfigFox can create a new one. Closing the message then forces me to try opening the profile again, which just gives me the same error again. So apparently the program is incapable of doing what it says it does – giving me a user-friendly way of editing my settings – and will only work if I replace the existing settings with their provided file. Why would I do that ? The whole idea is to tweak my existing settings, not have it force me to adopt a new set of defaults and start again ….

  3. It’s because you can only have ONE user.jsfile in Firefox profile at time.

    So instead of overwrite the file and of course losing your settings it ask you to move the file so it will be able to create a new one and if you don’t like it you will be able to revert to the old file. 🙂

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