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Perform calculations with Range Calculations App for Excel 2013

Microsoft Office runs an online store dedicated to providing extensions for Office apps like SharePoint, Word, Powerpoint and more. These apps help you either personalize your documents or speed up the work in progress. For instance, with an app you […]

10 best Firefox addons that you should use

In this post, we will take a look at some of  the best add-ons that have made a buzz in the recent past. These Firefox addons and extensions will help you enhance the functionality of your web-browser. Best Firefox addons From making […]


Patch My PC: Portable tool to check for outdated software

We have already seen a couple of Software Update Checkers earlier, which scan our Windows PC and see if any new versions of our installed software are available for downloads. I came across a portable freeware called Patch My PC, which […]

Silent Install Helper

Silent Install Helper for unattended installation of software

The next big step after setting up an operating system is making sure you have got all the system drivers and essential software installed. Typically users are required to install all the apps manually, which in itself requires agreeing to […]


Flip 3D in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Windows Vista introduced a graphical feature called Flip 3D for switching between open applications. The feature was located on the Taskbar. Flip 3D displays your open windows in a stack and allows you to preview all of your open windows without having […]

Fix: Windows Update error 0x800F081F in Windows 8.1

In this post, we will offer instructions on how to fix Windows Update error 0x800F081F in Windows 8.1 using the built-in DISM or CheckSUR tool to replace damaged or missing Windows Update files, using the System Update and Readiness Tool […]

Surface Pro 2 guide

Download Surface 2 User Guides from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a set of user guides for Surface users. If you have just bought a Surface tablet and are new to Surface, you definitely want to download these Guides. Surface 2 User Guides Guides for Surface Pro, Surface […]

Restore missing or deleted Firefox Bookmarks or Favorites

I prefer Mozilla Firefox over Google’s Chrome. Recently, I managed to find one more reason to support my argument – Bookmark capability in Firefox. As you know, marked websites appear under the bookmarks menu in the Firefox menubar and allow […]

Chrome Browse as guest

How to enable Guest Mode in Chrome for Windows

When you hand over your Windows computer to your friends and family, you activate the Guest Account so they don’t have access to all your files or Admin privileges to make big changes on your Windows PC. But what about […]

Windows 8 Start Screen Docking behavior explained

Microsoft seems well convinced about the fact that the Windows 8 OS makes working experience better, by scaling from a small size tablet, to the 27-inch twin screens on your desk at work. When you connect an additional monitor to […]

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New Google Search Engine Ranking Factors

The year 2012-13 witnessed Google’s Panda and Penguin updates destroy age-old keyword based SEO techniques. As these new Google search algorithms continue to perplex webmasters and compels them to adopt emerging SEO trends, website owners and businesses gear up to […]

block IP addresses

PeerBlock: Identify & block IP address & known bad computers

Security is a topic that needs your maximum attention and securing sensitive data is a critical task. In order to protect your sensitive data, most of us install an antivirus  software. But a single antivirus software is just not sufficient […]