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Evernote – A Note taking app for Windows Phone

The most popular note-taking services, Evernote – has finally created an app for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The new app features a stylish design that blows the iOS and Android Evernote offerings out of the water. Moreover it even […]


Top 10 list of Game apps for Windows Phone

Being listed in top 10 is the great thing for the producers and creators of a software or an application. In this list the position given to an app has been decided by the users of the Windows Phone who downloaded […]


Top 8 most desirable Windows Phone 7 devices of 2011

Today the use of Android Phones may be on the rise, but for those who know the potential of the Windows Phone mobile operating system, owning a Windows Phone is a matter of prestige. Most smartphone manufacturers are already offering various devices. Here […]

Download latest Windows Live Essentials 2011 Build 15.4.3538.0513

Two days back Microsoft announced that Windows Live Essentials 2011 15.4.3538.0513 would be available for download soon. It is now available for download. This new version improves performance and quality of service and would also includes full support for SSL (Secure […]

WikiRama v1.1 for Windows Phone released

Wikipedia is the best source for all kind of content on the web. And when the web is in your hands in the form of a Windows Phone, then why not use the best? Welcome to  WikiRama which allows you […]

How did Microsoft make Hotmail faster than ever!?

Speed is of the essence in today’s life! And more so, on the web! It is one such factor which every tech or non-tech user wants. With the Internet broadband speeds shooting up it is the time that companies are […]

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What makes Windows Phone 7 the best smartphone for Business Users

Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of phone designed to bring together what users care about in an easier and faster way. Enterprise users will experience the best-in-class productivity through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Mobile, and provides interface […]

Microsoft announces Windows Phone Student App-a-thon

Microsoft has announced a promo of sorts for students and is offering rather exciting prizes for those who come up with killer apps. Labeled the Windows Phone Student App-a-thon, the promo is meant to encourage students to develop cool apps […]

Introduction to Google Search Operators, Tips, Hacks

We all know the power of Google. The enormous amount of information which Google has indexed and accumulated is phenomenal and no one can imagine the uses of such kind of information. Algorithms used by Google in finding or searching […]


Tips for email users: Secure and protect your email account

Daily you hear about companies being hacked and users personal information such as email addresses being stolen. For most users, this means nothing but to others it means a sense of no security. These hackers then post this information for […]

Daily Live Technical Webcasts from Microsoft at Zeollar

Microsoft has many channels or programs through which it educates about it technologies – be it MSDNAA, MS IT Academy, MVA, etc. There is one another such initiative by Microsoft India called ZEOLLAR. Every such initiative brings something new or enhances the […]

How to recover deleted emails from Windows Live Hotmail

Recently many new features were added to Windows Live Hotmail. I thought, out of those, the feature of recovering deleted emails from Inbox might interest a lot of people, as many times we accidently delete Emails. So here are some […]